Kodachi 6.0 The Secure OS

Linux Kodachi 6.0 The Secure OS

Linux Kodachi operating system is based on Xubuntu 18.04 it will provide you with a secure, anti-forensic, and anonymous operating system considering all features that a person who is concerned about privacy would need to have in order to be secure.

Kodachi is very easy to use all you have to do is boot it up on your PC via USB drive then you should have a fully running operating system with established VPN connection + Connection established + service running. No setup or knowledge is required from your side we do it all for you. The entire OS is functional from your temporary memory RAM so once you shut it down no trace is left behind all your activities are wiped out.

Kodachi is a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to:

  • Use the Internet anonymously.
  • All connections to the Internet are forced to go through the then Tor network with DNS encryption.
  • Leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly.
  • Use state-of-the-art cryptographic and privacy tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging.

Kodachi is based on the solid Linux Xubuntu/Debian with customized XFCE this makes Kodachi stable, secure, and unique view screenshots:
Main screen wideNormal main screenVPNTori2pSecurity appsPanic roomDNS settingsOther appsBoot screenWebbrowsers screenSystem apps screen.


Download links 64bit:Download Sourceforge (World wide) Download Europe (London) Download Torrent Download – Unofficial





Comparison list:

Features Kodachi Tails
Onion Circuits/Onion share
Random Mac Generator
RAM Wiping
Built in secure Web Browser
Built-In VPNs from different providers + your own if you wish
Exudos,Jaxx,Mymonero, Electrom wallets
DNSCrypt, with many other dns options
Multi Tor exit node changer with eye country exclude feature
Multi DNS options
Stacer linux tuner
Rkhunter/Nuke os or device
Wipe Ram/Wipe Free Space/Kill and Nuke OS!
/Sysv-rc-conf/Disper/Smbclient/Syslinux-utils/Fcitx/Ibus/Pidgin-Otr/ Coyim/Ring/wire/Bettergram/noisy
System and Security Info on Desktop with Panic room unique tools

How to use it:


Video guide on how to use Kodachi:


More Linux Kodachi videos on YouTube.


To Login as normal user (Recommended):
Username: kodachi
Password: r@@t00

Username: root

To change the password for the user Kodachi and root in case you want to lock the PC with your own password use the following commands on terminal:

passwd # changes Kodachi password
passwd # changes root password

Kodachi comes with many pre-installed applications and tools you can also change Tor exit country from one click as well reset your DNS servers from one simple click. You also don’t have to worry about your wireless or display drivers I have included most of the common used drivers and tested them on my old mini .

Security models:

First you should know that VPN -> Encrypts all your traffic -> Single point of anonymization
Tor or Tor Browser -> Encrypted only web browser traffic
Toriffied System -> Encrypts all your traffic – > Random multipale anonymization
Dncrypt -> Encrypts Dns queries – > Fixed predifined list of providers of DNS over TLS
Tor DNS -> Encrypts Dns queries -> Random list of providers within the Tor network

    For best anonymity results:

  • ISP > Host machine (XMR anonymous VPN) > Linux Kodachi VPN (Virtual machine – Vmware) > Torified System > TorDNS > Kodachi browser (Best model)
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with firewall forced VPN Traffic > Torified System > TorDNS > Kodachi browser
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN > Torified System > TorDNS > Kodachi browser
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with firewall forced VPN Traffic > Torified System > Tor browser (Double TOR) > TorDNS
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN > Torified System > Tor browser (Double TOR) > TorDNS


    For best security results (Email – Banking – Cryptocurrency):

  • ISP > Host machine (XMR anonymous VPN) > Linux Kodachi VPN (Virtual machine – Vmware) with firewall forced VPN Traffic > Kodachi browser > Dnscrypt (Best model)
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with firewall forced VPN Traffic > Kodachi browser > Dnscrypt
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with firewall forced VPN Traffic > Kodachi browser > Tor DNS
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with firewall forced VPN Traffic > Tor browser > Dnscrypt
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with firewall forced VPN Traffic > Tor browser > Tor DNS


Why Kodachi does not offer to use (ISP > Torified System > VPN) security model? Because its not secure read this article.

If you know what you are doing and you still need to use (ISP > Torified System > VPN) security model then this can be achieved by the following steps:

First make sure your VPN profile uses Tan and TCP (UDP won’t work) then add on your VPN config file these lines:

up-delay # Optional to avoid the SIGHUP/SIGUSR1 after establishing connection
socks-proxy-retry # Optional keep retrying if it fails
socks-proxy 9051   # Tor is having socks proxy opened on Kodachi on this port so u redirect the VPN traffic to it

Then enable system torrify and finally switch on the VPN now all VPN traffic will go through TOR network.


Persistence USB allows you to store your changes in Kodachi flash memory in live mode so how to enable it?
For beginers:

  • Download Universal USB Installer
  • Plug in your USB then run Universal USB Installer
  • On step1 select Ubuntu, or Xubuntu
  • Step2 click on show all iso check box
  • Now click on browse button and select Kodachi ISO
  • Step3 select the USB drive you want to burn Kodachi to
  • Select the Fat32 Format Drive checkbox If you want more than 4 GB persistence storage then select NTFS but then it won’t boot in UEFI only works with Legacy Bios
  • Now you should see the persistence bar enabled scroll it to match the size you want for the persistence storage
  • Click on create button to burn the ISO to the USB flash drive Example
  • When the job is done, insert the USB to your PC and boot Kodachi from it then select the option on boot up kodachi in Persistence mode

Now anything you do will be saved on flash memory but be aware that this storage is NOT encrypted.

For advance users:

  • Download Universal USB Installer or Rufus or use Kodachi storage tools in Panic room section
  • Burn the Kodachi ISO to the flash once completed all you need to do is extract one of the following files and place it to the root of the USB you just burned 1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB
  • Boot Kodachi from the USB and select the option on boot up for kodachi Persistence mode

Now anything you do will be saved on flash memory but be aware that its not encrypted.


Kodachi nuke is a self destructing LUKSs partition you can use it on Kodachi only if Kodachi is installed and encrypted. Simply what it does it will encrypt your Kodachi with its own keys so you will have two passwords the one you entered during Kodachi encrypted installation and the new nuke password you will have to enter after running the Nuke script. You will continue to use your first Kodachi password but once you are forced to open the system all you have to do is enter the nuke password and system will be completely destroyed ! no way to decrypt it even with your first password. So basically with nuke password you are commanding Kodachi to kill it self by destroying the encryption headers.

Setting up the nuke is so simple as the following:

  • Install Kodachi on your hard drive make sure you select the encrypted LVM feature during setup.
  • Once installed go to Panic room and click on Enable System Nuke
  • The setup is easy by the script I wrote just follow the instructions and when you boot again if you enter the normal password it will login while if you enter the nuke password it will destroy it self on background you won’t even feel it all you will see your password is wrong please enter it again!


Where to use it:


  • Personal computer desktop or laptop daily use (boot from flash drive (recommended) or DVD(slower) or run it in virtual machine).
  • Corporate computer daily use (boot from flash drive or DVD or run it in virtual machine).
  • Internet cafes (boot from flash drive or DVD (slow).
  • Hotels or during travel (boot from flash drive or DVD (slow).
  • School labs (boot from flash drive or DVD).
  • Any computer that has DVD (slow) ROM or USB port and allows to boot from them.



Where can I install Kodachi permanently?

  • Vmware image (Legacy or UEFI).
  • Flash Memory (Legacy or UEFI).
  • Main PC Hard Drive (Legacy or UEFI).

How to install Linux Kodachi permanently on your hard drive – This applies to version 4.3 and above:
Warning! Do not change the username of the system it should remain kodachi or some scripts won’t work after the installation.

  • Boot from you USB ISO image or DVD or if you want try on Vmware player first you can install on Virtual machine and fully test it with permenet installation.
  • On Desktop click on Install_Kodachi_Online if you want to have updates along with the installtion (it will take longer) if you face any problems or you want fast install use the other option which is Install_Kodachi_Offline.
  • Click on Continue – My choice is English.
  • Click on Continue – My choice is English (US).
  • Click on Continue – My choice was Install third-party software ( You really need this option for drivers).
  • Click on Install Now – My choice Erase disk (My other flash memory or PC HDD) and Encrypt Kodachi (If you want to nuke Kodachi you must enable encryption on this step) + LVM then enter encryption password then continue.
  • Pop up window click on Continue.
  • Click on your country then click on continue – My choice is Muscat (City in Oman).
  • Enter your info do not change the user name! keep it as kodachi then hit enter stay back and watch.
  • When it is done you can continue testing or reboot but make sure you remove Kodachi live CD, ISO, or Flush stick to allow the system to boot from your hard disk and not from installation media.
  • Once you have boot from the installed system it will do some background work on first boot only then it will shutdown you will have to boot it again this will happen only once after successful installation of Kodachi.
  • On some old PC’s boot up could be slow so better use noapic option from the grub menu .




    • Can I have permanent installation on flash memory stick ? Yes you can insert a flash memory stick that you will see on devices menu on later stages of installation process but be careful to select the correct device because it will wipe it and install Kodachi on it.
    • Can I encrypt the permanent installation ? Yes you can and its recommended but note that each time Kodachi boots it will ask you for a password.
    • How much RAM do I need to run in Vmware player ? Not less than 2 GB.
    • Can I have permanent installation on Vmware or Virtualbox? Yes you can I tried on both and it worked but Vmware player/Workstation is much faster I had troubles with Virtual box very slow!
    • How big should be the flash stick? 30GB for permanent install media and 4GB for live iso media.
    • How do I know if the install was successful ? After you shut down and bootup you won’t see the installation icon on your desktop you can also try to save a file on Desktop and reboot if its there after there then installation went well.
    • Does Kodachi support persistence mode ? Yes check above for instructions.
    • Does Kodachi utilize my cpu for crypto currency mining to provide me free VPN ? No it does NOT be sure about that.
    • After successful installation I see Vmware message no operating system found why is this ? You forgot to remove the ISO from boot up you have to shutdown (power off) don’t reboot! the image disable CD on power up option then shutdown and boot up again and you see Kodachi with green menu entry.
    • I want to see Kodachi boot very fast how do I do that ? Kodachi can boot in less than 10 seconds! if you install it permanently (Legacy mode UEFI is slower) on SSD drive and boot from it.
    • I have missing drivers how to install them? No worries connect the device for example: HP printer then simply go to panic room menu click on Install Drivers icon.
    • My clock is messed up how to fix that ? Go to System apps select time and date then unlock then select your country then close > now go to security services cick on NTP time sync then go to panic room and click on restart XFCE Panel.
    • I have Keyboard problem suddenly I can not write “google.com” anymore it becomes like “www,g66g3e,c60” or If i close lid / lock screen, I may not be able to unlock screen why ? To solve this you can turn the num lock off ( number lock off ) in your keyboard if didn’t solve it try Fn + numlk or Shift+Numlk or run this on terminal:
       numlockx off 

      To check the status of Numlock if it is on or off run this on terminal:

       xset q | grep "Num Lock" 

      • How to Start my own VPN?

      • On your /home/kodachi folder enter the Own_VPN_Config directory.
      • Paste your own VPN config into this file > myownvpn.ovpn
      • If your config requires user and password then type it into this file > myownvpnsetup
      • Then in myownvpn.ovpn change auth-user-pass to ../Own_VPN_Config/myownvpnauth.txt
      • Save and close myownvpn.ovpn and myownvpnsetup
      • On bottom panel go to VPN tools then click on Start my own VPN icon.




      • I do NOT recommend installing Linux Kodachi permanently on any PC nor use the persistence USB as it will save all your settings on the hard drive which defeats the main purpose of being an anti-forensic OS to know more about forensic please click here If you have to install then please use encryption with Nuke!
      • Kodachi is a Debian-based/Xubuntu live DVD/USB operating system which means that all packages are based on pure Debian/Ubuntu repository.
      • Kodachi is open source project under Apache License 2.0 and above all custom codes used on Kodachi are in plain text bash scripts that I wrote myself and they are included with the ISO package no compiled binaries no hidden codes! Kodachi source code is available at GitHub.
      • I pay monthly rent to run the VPS nodes and utilize them for VPN which is provided to you, I do not collect ANY data or store ANY information (Logs) that belongs to the user except the hardware ID (hash) and connected IP address (VPN IP) that has to be sent automatically when your PC establishes a connection to the VPN. This information will only be used to banned you from the VPN nodes if you have abused the bandwidth or I received complains of hosting torrent files. If that is the case you will be banned permanently Kodachi is provided for anonymous surfing and not for heavy daily file and movies downloads. If you think you have been banned by mistake please send us your Hardware-ID via contact us form and yes you can use your own VPN then no HWID will be sent to the server.
      • Note that I regularly destroy VPS nodes and create new once so logs are all wiped out and we all have new fresh ips to enjoy private and peaceful Internet :).
      • Kodachi is free and will always be but in order to keep it free I would appreciate your support the project please contact me here if you intend to fund the project .







Product Name: Kodachi
Distro watch Rating: (8/”10″)
User Rating: (10/”10″)
Usage: Open Source – Free
Version: 6.0Change log
Size: 2.26 GB
Released on: 09.02.2019
Source Code: Github
Platform: Linux
Hash List: Text file
Download links 64bit: Sourceforge (World wide) Europe (London) Torrent Download – Unofficial.


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dnscrypt-proxy provides local service which can be used directly as your local resolver or as a DNS forwarder, encrypting and authenticating requests using the DNSCrypt protocol and passing them to an upstream server.
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VPN is a network that is constructed by using public wires — usually the Internet — to connect to a private network, such as a company’s internal network. There are a number of systems that enable you to create networks using the Internet as the medium for transporting data.
Use root only if you have to to login as super user – If you use root user as the user name most of the functionality won’t show up! password for root is: r@@t00
20.10.2013 – 16.11.2013 – 10.07.2016 – 16.07.2016 – 12.10.2016 – 14.10.2016 – 17.10.2016 – 29.12.2016 – 30.12.2016 – 8.1.2017 – 4.10.2018 – 6.10.2018 – 14.10.2018 – 20.10.2018 – 30.10.2018 – 09.11.2018 – 13.11.2018 – 21.11.2018 – 06.12.2018 – 15.12.2018 – 01.01.2019 – 21.01.2019


  1. Good build. You have Source Code: Github 5.7 version.
    Where can I download Source Code: 6.0

  2. Diego Demon

    Hello greetings from Venezuela. how to virtualize Linux Kodachi with VMware Workstation Pro v12.5.6
    Since my computer, has the following features:
    Motherboard: Asrock N68-S
    RAM: 2 GB RAM DDR2

    Note: if version 6.0 is impossible, with which I can enjoy linux kodachi

  3. Blackpink

    I see conky shows up a line saying “Swap Encrypted:No”. How do you encrypt it?

    • Panic room then storage tools

    • Hey Warith! Amazing job mate, kudos for all your work.
      Got a question, how can I remove the crypt wallets? I’m not interested in them, I tried with Synaptics, with apt purge, but I cannot find them. Looked in /opt also, so, is there an easy way to remove them?

      • They are hidden in secret place 😛

        Here how to delete crypto wallets from Kodachi just execute the following commands on terminal:

        sudo rm -f -r /usr/lib/Exodus-linux-x64/
        sudo rm -f -r /usr/lib/jaxx/
        sudo rm -f -r /usr/lib/mymonero/
        sudo rm -f -r /usr/lib/Electrum-3.3.3/
  4. Hi,

    two preinstalled tools are required if not yet existing on the initial image.
    I means it should be useful to have :
    1) Remmina to remotly be able to help family with they own computer problems : https://remmina.org/
    2) RicochetIM as anonymous instant messenger : https://ricochet.im/

    I do not know if Kodachi also use it but it should be great (not saying better) to also integrate the use of Firejail and Apparmor to natively use them as sandbox for required contexts.

    Sincerely thank you for Kodachi distibutin.

    Have a nice day.

    • Thank you for the feedback,

      1- Remmina I will check it 🙂
      2-ricochet.im we already have 6 choices of secure messengers on Kodachi please check them unless u think ricochet.im is better than tell me how ?
      Firejail and Apparmor are running on Kodachi 🙂

  5. If you are facing issues such as you can’t login after logging out or if you type http://google.com it appears like this g66g3e,c60 then you Num lock key is on u have to switch it off I re-uploaded version 6.0 today 11/2 it will turn Num lock off automatically on boot up to solve this issue.

    How did I solve it ? simply run this command:

    numlockx off

    If you want to check if you Num lock is on or off run:

    xset q | grep "Num Lock"

    Or just download version 6.0 again if you downloaded it before 11/2/2019 12pm GMT+4 Muscat time

    • could you please add penetration testing tools with kodachi? It would be the best 🙂 i am currently using parrot os but if kodachi where to have these tools i would move over, any time i try adding these tools the wifi stops working im not sure if its an update causing the wifi card to not be read. but what happens is when i fix the issue of the card then when i attempt too connect to the network i think it cant obtain an ip address as its constantly seeking to connect indefinitely. also the touchpad wont select items either i have to use the button. this only happens when i add these tools.

      • Kodachi is defensive OS if I add penetration testing tools it means I invite backdoors to the system which defeats the entire goal to protect your privacy Parrot and Kali are offensive operation systems therefore use them for pen testing 🙂

        • i know that but but not all tools invite backdoors anyways just a thought as i know 100 percent that this distro which i enjoy very much would get a lot more attention if it had some penetration testing tools they can teach you a lot more about how to be defensive than some might think.

  6. Ribeiro Meno

    Is it possible to run a Live version on a 32Gb USB stick and have the remaining space (~30 Gb) as a encrypted persistence? How do you do it?
    I know it is easy to do in Tails, but in Kodachi I cannot find a way to do it…

  7. Dear,
    The kodachi iso is again booting from hdd with grub. So thanks for the changes.

  8. Hi there, some code to block remote commands installed in default/encrypted-system? Just to set it to run in normal way, locking chips, blocking mining with remote commands?

  9. I tride to turn on the VPN and only then the torify, repair network,was loaded noapic. did not help. screenshot of my connection model .https://postimg.cc/N9WZgxpc
    There is a suspicion that it all started after I used Virtualbox/Windows and set up a VPN in it.

    • From the photo is its correct 🙂 all u need to launch kodachi web browser and you will get 100%. Better don’t use virtual box with Kodachi use Vmware.

  10. Hello / kodachi5.8
    connections; ISP-> VPN TORIFY-> TorDNS
    I want to connect as;
    IPS-> VPN-> Torify-> TorDNS
    how to setup ?

  11. Hey. Thank you for the dream operating system) .When installing kodachi5.8
    connections; ISP->VPNTorify->TorDNS
    why it happens ?
    previously worked
    IPS-> VPN-> Torify-> TorDNS

  12. helpmedude

    i have already tried many times to enable persistance storage and i followed every single step to enable it but everytime i boot up linux kodachi it doesn’t has any of the file or configurations i made in the past session, what do i do? please i need help. I already put the 4GB file into the root folder even tho it’s still inside the zip file but i don’t know if i have to unzip it or what.

    • Have you gone through instructions here https://www.digi77.com/linux-kodachi/

      It says “Burn the Kodachi ISO to the flash once completed all you need to do is extract one of the following files and place it to the root of the USB you just burned 1 GB – 2 GB – 3 GB – 4 GB”

      Why would u want to do it this way just use the beginer way with Universal USB Installer instructions here https://www.digi77.com/linux-kodachi/

    • Ok I found something that works try to use Universal USB Installer https://www.pendrivelinux.com then u will see how its done here a sample of its output:

      # This Menu created with Universal USB Installer https://www.pendrivelinux.com
      default 0
      timeout 0
      title Boot swdl
      set ISO=/uui/kodachi59per.iso
      find --set-root %ISO%
      parttype (hd0,3) | set check=
      set check=%check:~-5,4%
      if "%check%"=="0x00" partnew (hd0,3) 0 0 0
      if NOT "%check%"=="0x00" echo ERROR: Fourth partion table is not empty, please delete it if you wish to use this method && pause --wait=5 && configfile /boot/grub/menu.lst
      partnew (hd0,3) 0x00 %ISO%
      map %ISO% (0xff)
      map --hook
      root (0xff)
      chainloader (0xff)

      Then syslinx.cfg would have

      Default grldr
      Label grldr
      Boot grldr

      I booted fine with above on my flash drive !

      • no go yet. Even the usb made by pendrivelinux does not boot on uefi.
        Chandloading to grub.cfg in the iso produce the same error:
        initramfs unable to find a medium containing a live file system
        Is lupin-casper present in your iso’s?

        • Is lupin-casper present in your iso’s nope is it needed ?
          – Nope its not I did’t know about it 🙁 I am from debian background I am used to live-boot not casper

          – I will add lupin-casper on next release let me know if there is any other packages that I need to add ( Any one who knows about this let me know )

          Currently I am stuck on enabling encrypted persistent USB I did all the changes but still it won’t ask for password at boot up at all !

  13. I am still trying to boot the kodachi iso from harddrive with grub, but still no luck.
    Used different grub parameters but still getting this error:
    casper-premount Unable To Find A Medium Containing A Live File System
    Is for notebook where the usb ports are blocked.

    • Can u give more details?

      Which version of Koadachi ? ur PC config ? Is it live mode not working or live works fine ?

      • All versions after kodachi 3.7.
        The kodachi iso is on hdd directory /iso
        Kodachi 3.7 used to boot fine a live session.
        My grub for kodachi 5.8:
        menuentry “kodachi” {
        set isofile=”/iso/kodachi.iso”
        search –no-floppy -f –set=root $isofile
        loopback loop $isofile
        linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=${isofile} findiso=${isofile}
        initrd (loop)/casper/initrd.lz

        • no usb involded. The iso sits on the harddisk in directory /iso.
          Grub can boot iso images. But latest kodachi won’t.

        • Do you mean that this entry

          menuentry “kodachi” {
          set isofile=”/iso/kodachi.iso”
          search –no-floppy -f –set=root $isofile
          loopback loop $isofile
          linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=${isofile} findiso=${isofile}
          initrd (loop)/casper/initrd.lz

          Works only for 3.7 but not 5.8 ? If that is the case if u find a way to make it work please share it I will include it for u on 5.9 as an option

          • ok, but you told me earlier that you make the iso now with other program xorriso.
            maybe the iso is build only for usb sticks?

          • This message from the code check it:

            *xorriso* ) # 
                      # xorriso
                      #   - Can boot to ISO in either UEFI or non-UEFI mode when dd'd to a USB, CD or DVD
                      #   - Copy direct to CD or DVD using command:  sudo xorrecord dev=/dev/sr0 speed=12 fs=8m blank=as_needed -eject padsize=300k file.iso
            #   - Copy direct to USB using command:  sudo dd if=file.iso of=/dev/sdX
             log_msg "================================================================================"
                      log_msg ""
                      log_msg "Good news, ${CUSTOMISO} was created using the xorriso package."
                      log_msg "You can now optionally use the following commands to make a medium"
                      log_msg "that is bootable in both UEFI or BIOS (non-UEFI) modes."
                      log_msg "  *Create a bootable CD or DVD:"
                      log_msg "    $ sudo xorrecord dev=/dev/sr0 speed=12 fs=8m blank=as_needed -eject padsize=300k ${WORKDIR}/${CUSTOMISO}"
                      log_msg "  *Create a bootable USB:"
                      log_msg "   (you will need to determine which device your USB has been assigned,"
                      log_msg "   Do not copy & paste this command directly without changing '/dev/sdX', it won't work."
                      log_msg "   dd CAN be dangerous ... now you've been warned.)"
                      log_msg "    $ sudo dd if=${WORKDIR}/${CUSTOMISO} of=/dev/sdX"
                      log_msg ""
            log_msg "================================================================================"

            I think u need to try this

             log_msg "  *Create a bootable CD or DVD:"
             sudo xorrecord dev=/dev/sr0 speed=12 fs=8m blank=as_needed -eject padsize=300k ${WORKDIR}/${CUSTOMISO}
    • 1- Try also changing from USB 3.0 socket to 2.0 this might help
      2- Try change your bios from IDE to ACHI.

  14. Hi. I am still using version 5.7. As a suggestion, I would change vokoscreen for simple screen recorder. Although I have not use vokoscreen in kodachi, simple screen recorder seems to work very good in this distribution and probably more lightweight than vokoscreen (I have bad experiences with it in parrotsec).
    Just personal opinion though, still need to test voko in kodachi.

    In any case, would there be a change you could consider adding mullvad to the list of vpn providers? It would be awesome if we could use it in a similar way you did with protonmailvpn, but I think although maybe it could be somehow a bit of abuse for some, I know for sure many would love to use the 3 hours ticket, although question remains as how to change of server reliable through linux and openvpn…

    Electron wallet was in my mind since I have use kodachi, great addition.

    • Time to move to 5.9 soon 🙂

      Please try vokoscreen on 5.8 I tested with no issues let me know if you face issues with it.
      Let me know why mullvad would make a difference we already have 3 well known providers so I can contact them.

      What do u mean 3 hours ticket is it a service by Mullvad ? Oh I got it its a good idea 24 h would be better

      • Um … um … Greetings, I had a problem with the screen resolution on the pc, but the installation of the drivers did not help. Writes that the maximum resolution is 1280 x 1024 although it should be 1920 x 1080. Plz Help

      • Mostly I say about mullvad because… your vpn got a bandwith limit… and vpngate does not work always reliable… and protonmailvpn at least in free version got many ips blacklisted and eventually you can get trouble with it.
        In such sense mullvad got a huge list of servers in different countries with the 3 hour ticket. So that´s mostly it.

        • I have contacted them but no reply so far I will do it again later thank you

          Have u tried hideme ? or NordVPN they have got more nodes than anyone out there 🙂

          • I have no money to try premium XD so that is why mullvad XD (I am passing through an illness)

  15. Can you set nuke system in installation process? with randome keys which system is related to with a encrypted system so no one can access those keys? It is hard to complete the manual process with modified chips (reverse engineering)

  16. Good day! Your operating system is fullfilling all my needs, but some applications are still freezing 🙁 Another problem is in the application named gpg4usb while it importing keys! In this case the program is terminated unexpectedly.

    • Hi,

      I tried g4gusb yes it crushes please message their developers to find out why it happens. Meanwhile u can use GPA it has all the features u might need and installed in Kodachi. Increase ur Ram and cpu for better apps response.

  17. How can i upgrade to 5.8
    When i try ti install from USB or Live i get stuck after software update. i never get to the point of choosing partition
    istalling 5.3 5.5 on harddrive went well, exept swedish keyboard did not apply

    • R u using 5.8 iso ? If the online installer does not work try the offline one and choose erase entire disk to erase the previous installation ( Note that everything on that disk will be deleted and replaced by kodachi 5.8)

  18. Kodachi 5.8 is a great, very good system, green color is a great idea, I greet Warith Al Maawali

  19. Good evening. I have a problem with Thunar. System installed on the HDD main system. I want to translate uca.xml into Russian as an example of Kodachi open as root to Открыть как root. After the reboot, Kodachi open as root disappears.

  20. Ribeiro Meno


    Sorry, I did not understand what is:
    ISP > Host machine (XMR anonymous VPN) > Linux Kodachi VPN (Virtual machine – Vmware) > Torified System > TorDNS > Kodachi browser (Best model)

    Could you explain with a bit more detail?


    • Which part of it you did not understand I recall that I also explained it in youtube please check it there as well

      • Ribeiro Meno

        Sorry, I was not clear. What is a XMR anonymou VPN? Is a anonymous VPN you pay with Monero?
        Then the best system is using this VPN on the host machine, and running VMware with Kodachi in the machine using Torified System and TorDNS. Did I understant it correctly?

        • Sorry, I was not clear. What is a XMR anonymou VPN? Is a anonymous VPN you pay with Monero?
          -Yes exactly u need to stay anonymous with ur payments Monero or Zcoin would do the job

          Then the best system is using this VPN on the host machine, and running VMware with Kodachi in the machine using Torified System and TorDNS. Did I understant it correctly?
          – Yes you got it right 🙂

  21. Alexander

    Hello. How can I change the main language of the entire system, for example, from English to Russian? Is it possible?

  22. Hi,

    I am using 5.6 (installed to HD) and generally very happy with it. Nevertheless now that the 5.7 version is available I would like to upgrade my system. How can I upgrade 5.6 to 5.7 without reinstall?

    Kind Regards,

  23. Blackpink

    Here using 5.7 new version here. Noapic version works faster and more stable for me, but what am I loosing when using the noapic version?

    Maybe you could consider adding mupdf as it is very lightweight pdf reader (I can add myself but I have see it is incredibly lightweight so, maybe you are interested into it)

    Also finally I am able to use protonmailvpn and force all traffic through protocol ip etc : )

    Thank you!

    • Here using 5.7 new version here. Noapic version works faster and more stable for me, but what am I loosing when using the noapic version?
      – Good to hear that no u are not loosing anything its meant for old PC’s that have issues with Kodachi
      Maybe you could consider adding mupdf as it is very lightweight pdf reader (I can add myself but I have see it is incredibly lightweight so, maybe you are interested into it)
      – You will see it in 5.8 Thank you
      Also finally I am able to use protonmailvpn and force all traffic through protocol ip etc : )
      – Cool 🙂

  24. Ribeiro Meno

    Using 5.6 live without persistence. I noticed that Thunar (no root) cannot show thumbnails of pictures. After boot, there is already a .cache/thumbnails/normal folder only accessible to root
    If I delete this folder, Thunar starts showing thumbnails even as a no root user.
    I also noticed that the other file managers dont ave this problem. It seems they use another folder for thumbnail cache.
    Is it only me or am I doing something wrong?

    • Thank you for reporting this bug it will be fixed on 5.7 for now try this to solve it:

      chown kodachi.kodachi ~/.cache/thumbnails/normal -R
    • This started to happen to me today, but before since at least one week after I installed 5.6 version I was able to see thumbnails normally in desktop.
      Only today I got this.

  25. For some reason in 5.6 the Random Mac Generator has stopped working. It fails on boot and also fails when I click it manually. Not sure what to do about this or why it is happening.

  26. Ribeiro Meno

    I was having some problems with VPN and solved it using the full path to the auth.txt in the ovpn file:
    authe-user-pass ../Own_VPN_Config/auth.txt

    hope this helps others…

    • Thank you for sharing in 5.7 it will be as u mentioned

      on version 5.5 and above file name has to be myownvpnauth.txt not auth.txt

  27. Hi Warith. Great great distro and great version aswell. Only issue I find is I am not able to work vpns with password username. I tried mullvad, protonmail and a few other lesser known free vpns to no avail.
    What can we do? Any change to be able to use openvpn through cli without the gui (currently openvpn is killed everytime you try to do manual clis connections to vpn through openvpn).

    Have happy christmas.

    • Try to have one vpn ip in your config file if proton has register dns then disable it. Kodachi 5.7 will have proton VPN builtin one more thing with proton vpn The plain user + password one won’t work you need the encrypted once get them from https://account.protonvpn.com/settings

      You can also share your config so I check it 🙂

      For manual vpn that won’t be killed try to execute the following command:

      echo "Disabled" > ~/.kbase/vpntype 

      On version 5.7 Disable VPN will set the above for you which I forgot 😛

  28. Warith, there is a giant bug… when you write sudo gufw normally gufw opens… this happens in version 5.6 only it is accompanied by 100% of cpu usage. Computer stalls and you can do nothing until you restart.

  29. I have installed today the new version 5.6 (I was using 5.5), so I don’t know much about possible bugs (performance is great rather than with 5.5 >) ) but I encounter a small problem only.
    I have try to use protonmail vpn, free version which seems to be a good vpn provider and… it does not seem to work.
    I added the -auth-user-pass myownvpnauth.txt- line to the file -myownvpn.ovpn- and then I change the -0- of -myownvpnauth- aswell to 1 and added my username and password to my -ownvpnauth-
    Udp servers seem to fail and raise a constant attempt to connect. Tcp servers do work somehow… but wrongly…
    https://i.imgur.com/lax68WP.png -> It says it connects however it does not. The ip in there is not my own and neither the one of the vpn server. So no idea about why kodachi states it is connected to this france ip.
    So not sure what to do to be able to connect to protonmail free servers right now…
    Any idea appreciated.-.3.

  30. Ribeiro Meno

    Using the new live with persistence. I see that wifi pass and VPN config are saved. What else is saved?
    recent used file list? installed packages? bookmarks? cache?

  31. Hi! I’m running Kodachi 5.3 x64. I have it installed on a 64GB USB 3.0 stick. My question is; How do I UPGRADE to 5.6 WITHOUT wiping my existing system configuration? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to Linux so I have a bit of a learning curve here. Thank you in advance.

  32. Version 5.6:
    Based on: Debian 9.5 Xbuntu 18.04 LTS
    Kernel: 4.18.0-13
    System: 64bit
    Release date: 15.12.2018
    Tag: Simplifying Anonymity

    + Nuke system Yes Kodachi can be nuked with a single button! Check website for more information
    + USB persistence support! Tested and it works Check website for more information
    + Light locker settings
    + Startup Disk creator
    + FSlint search utility
    + Force temp dns on and off feature
    + Printer cups port 631 on and off feature
    + Force memory cleaner
    + Memory watch
    + Performance tab in Firefox
    + New kernel updated
    – Removed duplicate action buttons
    – Super key assigned to left keyboard super key
    ! Fixed performance issue was there since 5.3
    ! Fixed network applet showing twice
    ! Fixed right menu thunar directory size calculator
    ! Modified memory script
    ! Fixed typo mistake with myownvpnauth.txt
    ! Fixed Torified shell sudo error message
    ! Fixed and improved screen display fonts

  33. Wallace202

    I love the latest version. I know that it is not possible to have all the applications in the Live Version, but I would suggest to add FSLint. Its a fast and very useful duplicate file searcher.
    I know I can add it from the Package Manager, but it is annoying to do it everytime I need to…

    great work

  34. I have noticed an insane amount of cpu consumption added since version 5.3 to version 5.5
    Specially when using browsers. A 2×2 cpu getting 80% cpu consumption with 2 tabs opened XD and when iddle sometimes 30% to 50%.
    Do you know any reason to this behavior?

    • Strange no I did not notice that except during first login time its takes time for cpu to settle .. please check the browser by about:performance and see what is causing it and let me know..

    • I found out the reason this should be fixed in 5.6 🙂

      • Firefox about:performance do not show a thing. I think the problem is related to lsof command which is being invoked constantly and consuming 30%-50% at times (and just in one instance only, sometimes there are two or more lsof commands consuming each 10-15% at least).
        I am using 2×2 i5 2.53 and although distro is usable I can´t do everything (example, firefox, videogame, virtualbox is a no go while before I could do it in 5.3,5.2 etc) as I could before and a few times only I got freezes (because cpu got too much usage guess lsof).

  35. GeraldLot

    Is running Kodachi on VMWare safe? If I run it with windows as a host system will I risk that data can be stored in windows swap?
    I believe that booting live from a USB Flash is much safer. Or am I wrong?

  36. I have a small but important problem : after second or third boot from my external HD, I don’t have anymore all informations on the desktop, as shown on main.png or mainwide.png… Everything is working well, but information display is usefull and I need it…

    Any idea ?? Thanks !

  37. Linux Kodachi 5.5 walk through on Youtube please watch it will help you to understand it:

  38. Enriqueta.

    Own vpn does not work by following the instructions unless the vpn do no ask for password and username.
    I just added auth-user-pass myownvpnauth.txt to /home/kodachi/Own_VPN_Config/myownvpn.ovpn and then I wrote the 1 and the username and password inside myownvpnsetup but still never connects at all.
    By the way, website shows mywonvpnauth.txt instead of myownvpnauth.txt. I suppouse it´s a typo.
    What could I do? I just love protonmailvpn.

    • Oh I have misspelling on the script it self thank you for pointing out this will be fixed in 5.6 for now password file fow own vpn must be in the same wrong spelled name which is: mywonvpnauth.txt in order for own vpn to work
      Let me now if it works with u

  39. Hi,
    I want to use a 64Gb USB Flash to as a live kodachi system. But I want to use the ‘free space’ on the flash drive after ‘burning’ the iso as a persistence I could mount on kodachi. Is this possible? How ?

  40. thank you very much for what perceive as a whole lot of WORK!

    Win 7Pro, 64bit 16GB Ram on Vmware…

    I read somewhere to backup VmWare, folder C:/Programs but did’t so when I allowed VM to update, it totally got rid of all my 5.2 few settings, and so I did an upgrade to 5.3, but still cant see any of the words in the graphs located on the desktop, and even worse, I couldn’t get to my usb, dvd, or external HHD, to upload my Linux magnifier. LOL!

    Since “Places” didn’t reveal any external drives, usb, or sd cards, I had ALL connected, but no way to get the terminal codes to connect to the devices without getting into the devices.

    My fault, not to much coding for my yet…. tho, but I did’t have any problem with Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Pepperment, WattOS, ParrotOS, Tails or Kali or many many others, to see the connected devices, or to get the drivers to install from them.

    I was running 2GB than tried 4Gb than 6GB ram on newest VmWare with updated Tools and had nothing but erratic mouse movements and delayed action on icons, links and buttons. I did get the fonts in the Menu large enough to read them (at 22 Font) but never the graphs.

    Sorry, I’m not complaining since most, if not all, problems is form inexperience on my part, and not your excellent work.

    Well thank you again for Jaxx on my suggestion, and the rest of your great work / OS.

    • Win 7Pro, 64bit 16GB Ram on Vmware
      – Tha should be good enough to run the live iso or even the installed one.
      I read somewhere to backup VmWare, folder C:/Programs but did’t so when I allowed VM to update, it totally got rid of all my 5.2 few settings, and so I did an upgrade to 5.3, but still cant see any of the words in the graphs located on the desktop, and even worse, I couldn’t get to my usb, dvd, or external HHD, to upload my Linux magnifier. LOL!
      – Vmware updates does not effect ur running vms for sure as they are all stored in:
      C:\Users\PC_Nmae\Documents\Virtual Machines

      – You can now try 5.5 from fresh run on VMware its much better 🙂

  41. Kodachi recommended security models:

    ISP > VPN > Torified System > TorDNS > Kodachi browser = score:100/100
    ISP > VPN > Torified System > TorDNS > Tor browser (Diffrent IP) = score:100/100
    ISP > VPN > Torified System > TorDNS = score:100/100
    ISP > Torified System > VPN > TorDNS = score:100/100
    ISP > Forced VPN Traffic > Browser Tor > Tor DNS
    ISP > Forced VPN Traffic > Browser Tor > Dnscrypt

  42. 5.5 is on the way with cool privacy features stay tuned in few hours 🙂

  43. Any way to solve constants falls in dns crypt? It reverts itself to a temp profile with tenta dns as primary and google as second. It’s really annoying. I am in 5.3 although this also started to happen to me in 5.2 after a few days.
    Maybe I got a temporal bomb?

    • Temp dns will be on only if internet is lost (trying to recover it self) if u have stabe internet that won’t happen so often.

      Version 5.5 will not have google DNS for sure !

      • I got this problem but I think I found out why. Apparently my router needs to connect often to my pc to maintain connection else I loose access.
        In particular I need to change a rule so that my computer can connect to which would be my router ip, this way I can use force vpn traffic only (if I try otherwise I loose connection and vpn falls after a few mins 1-15 mins).
        And in regards to dns crypt falling they are probably as well temporal falls in internet (example, public wifi where internet is meant to use particular dns settings) I hope!
        Warith, can you tell me where is the script to add the rule so my reuter ip is allowed in ufw/gufw when I click in force vpn?

        • Yes for force over ip only execute this command

          xdg-open /home/kodachi/.kbase/forcevpntraffic

          For force over ip,port ..etc execute this command

          xdg-open /home/kodachi/.kbase/forcevpntrafficall
  44. Good afternoon. If you install Kodachi 5.3 on the HDD of the main system it will also be protected as Live mode.

  45. Manuel Ricardo

    Hello Warith. Is there a bug in this language selector?-> https://i.imgur.com/vnznoUb.png -> https://i.imgur.com/bU9Ngso.png -> It changes constantly! It’s extremely boring. If you tell me none elses got this problem then simply there is a neighbor who hacked my computer.

    • No there isn’t a bug on that are you running live version ?

      • ManuelRicardo

        No. This happens in persistent mode, version 5.2.
        I get if I use firejail I could get, maybe, ths… but it happens constantly even when in the desktop without changing anything…. guess it’s time to have wireshark and fiddler constantly running > O

        • I have find out why!
          Right click on the keyboard language selector, choose “keyboard settings” then go the third tab, layout, and in there you can see multiple languages…
          There is a bug which makes it so the language selector constantly reverts to the first language in the list…
          So: choose the language you use mostly and change the order for it to be the first one in the list instead of picking directly, else you will get this problem constantly!

  46. Some tool against upnp ramsonware hacking to lock cpu use against unknown cryptomining commands or vs eternalred/eternalblue upnproxy hack ? Anyone?

  47. Greetings, dear Warith Al Mawal.

    The description of version 5.3 says…
    «All connections to the Internet are forced to go through the VPN the Tor network with DNS encryption.»

    That is, first the traffic goes through the VPN, then the traffic goes through the TOR. So if we look at the outgoing IP address at whoer.net using a normal (not tor) browser, we will see the address of the output node of the TOR.
    However, in reality everything works differently.

  48. I used to boot kodachi iso with grub but after changing kodachi to casper i tried this:
    menuentry “kodachi” {
    set isofile=”/iso/kodachi.iso”
    loopback loop $isofile
    set root=(loop)
    set gfxpayload=keep
    linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper noprompt iso-scan/filename=${isofile} quiet splash toram —
    initrd (loop)/casper/initrd.lz

    but this is not working anymore.
    Any changes needed?

    • Because this is a notebook with usb boot disabled, and no cdrom.
      I am trying to boot the kodachi iso from the harddisk.

    • Why would you want to change that ?

      Return it to default and it will work

      menuentry 'kodachi GNU/Linux' --class kodachi --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os $menuentry_id_option 'gnulinux-simple-67d83d27-9c50-4a8d-ad7d-a11db04d07fb' {
      	gfxmode $linux_gfx_mode
      	insmod gzio
      	if [ x$grub_platform = xxen ]; then insmod xzio; insmod lzopio; fi
      	insmod part_msdos
      	insmod ext2
      	set root='hd0,msdos1'
      	if [ x$feature_platform_search_hint = xy ]; then
      	  search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root --hint-bios=hd0,msdos1 --hint-efi=hd0,msdos1 --hint-baremetal=ahci0,msdos1  fa2af0f7-3a1c-46c9-b32f-784fba4be886
      	  search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root fa2af0f7-3a1c-46c9-b32f-784fba4be886
              linux	/vmlinuz-4.18.0-11-generic root=/dev/mapper/kodachi--vg-root ro  quiet splash $vt_handoff
      	initrd	/initrd.img-4.18.0-11-generic


      label live
        menu Kodachi ^Legacy/BIOS Boot the __DISTNAME__ Desktop
        kernel /casper/vmlinuz
        append  noprompt file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.lz quiet splash --
      • thanks, but is is an other approuch:
        i have the kodachi.iso on the harddisk (/dev/sda2/iso) in a dir called iso.
        So I want to boot this iso from grub with loopback.
        The old kodachi is was no problem:
        menuentry “kodachi” {
        set isofile=”/iso/kodachi.iso”
        loopback loop $isofile
        linux (loop)/live/vmlinuz boot=live config findiso=${isofile} nomodeset
        initrd (loop)/live/initrd.img

        this worked very well.
        The new ubuntu 18.04 is also no problem:
        menuentry “ubuntu” {
        insmod loopback
        insmod iso9660
        set isofile=”/iso/ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso ”
        loopback loop $isofile
        set root=(loop)
        linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz auto=true boot=casper file=/isodevice/iso/ubulive.cfg iso-scan/filename=$isofile locale=en_US console-setup/layoutcode=us netcfg/choose_interface=auto netcfg/get_hostname=ubuntu noprompt toram rw–
        initrd (loop)/casper/initrd.lz

        But the new kodachi is booting, but complaints about /dev/sr0 not found and after a bit, (initramfs) unable to find a live medium containing a live file system

        • Honestly when it comes to boot options I struggle myself try this but I am not sure if it will work!

          isohybrid kodachi.iso

          if it didn’t work then try

          isohybrid --uefi
          • seems these are syslinux options

          • Yes because you said old versions worked with u the only difference with the new version is I used xorriso to build the iso the old once I used isohybrid so could be the reason!

          • i always was able to boot the old kodachi iso’s with grub. Never used syslinux.
            But maybe I can chainload syslinux within grub?

          • Yes try and let me know if it works with u

          • chainloading with:
            menuentry “Start Syslinux” {
            set iso=/iso/kodachi.iso
            loopback loop ${iso}
            set root=(loop)
            chainloader (loop)/isolinux/isolinux.bin
            syslinux_source (loop)/isolinux/isolinux.bin
            syslinux_configfile (loop)/isolinux/isolinux.cfg

            brings me back to kodachy grub with the /dev/sr0 not found errors

          • Have you tried the isohybrid command on the iso ?

          • Yes try and let me know if it works with u

            i m not an expert, how do you do that?
            (ps reply buttons are gone)

          • Ok, did that but not working.
            It seems that casper-premount cannot foud any live filesystem. Also pointing to casper with live-media= and live-media-path= gives no solution.

  49. Thanks for the updates. Is there some way to prevent Kodachi from sending the hostname “kodachi” to the router? (In Tails there appear no name).

    • Hmm at least since a few versions back the name sent is Secure-Os and beforehand you could change the name (called hostname).
      What Warith told was not to change the username as it was used by scripts so scripts would be non functional if you changed the username.
      You can change your hostname by writing hostnamectl in terminal.

      • Is there any way to use sudo along with the torrified terminal? The idea is great although unfortunately the option do not work with some commands specially when you need sudo.

        • Not for now as Tor is limiting it to current logged in user. However I have found away to torify the entire system traffic I am still testing it to include it in Kodachi 5.4 then u will be able to use normal torified terminal with sudo:)

    • Hi Albert,

      I checked tails it has amnesia as host name for live version.

      As Rimin stated Kodachi on installed version will have Secure-OS as host name unless it is changed during setup. In your case i think you mean the live version host name which is kodachi I will fix this in next release to be Secure-OS-Live

      For now to solve your issue please execute the following commands on terminal:

      sudo sed -i -e 's/kodachi/Secure-OS-Live/g' /etc/hosts
      sudo sed -i -e 's/kodachi/Secure-OS-Live/g' /etc/hostname

      Then run:

      sudo service network-manager restart

      Or fast one try this:

      sudo hostname Secure-OS-Live
      You can replace Secure-OS-Live above with what ever you wish.
  50. Note I have disabled user and password login feature from version 4.2 if you want to login with user name and password after installation run the following command:

    sudo sed -i '/kodachi/d' /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/60-xubuntu.conf
    sudo gpasswd -d kodachi nopasswdlogin

    If you want to enable autologin again run the follwoing command:

    sudo sed -i '/kodachi/d' /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/60-xubuntu.conf
    sudo bash -c 'echo -n autologin-user=kodachi >> /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/60-xubuntu.conf'  
    sudo gpasswd -a kodachi nopasswdlogin

    Drivers hint:
    I have missing drivers how to install them? No worries connect the device for example: HP printer then simply go to panic menu click on Install Drivers icon .

  51. If you have downloaded 5.3 before 22-Nov-2018 please re-download again because I have fixed a bug to do with force traffic via VPN to verify you have the latest version of 5.3

    md5sum kodachi-5.3-64.iso

    This should give you: 2e6182a972ebb7417cba3a98b8b7f237

  52. I have forgot to include Printer manager software if you want to add a printer you paste this in your browser


    Or if you want advance one just install one by running:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install print-manager
    • I’ve just finished configuring kodachi 5.2, installed on HD. Removed automatic VPN and Tor start, custom appearance … what about … it’s PERFECT! A great job, a great professionalism. Thank you so much Warith.
      (The distro now boot like a charm!)

      • I am glad to see this 🙂

        Removed automatic VPN
        – Thsi can be done by a single click on Disable VPN
        Tor start
        – This also can be done by a single click on Disable Tor

        it’s PERFECT!
        – Awesome

    • dear,
      on 5.2 i still need to skip downloading files in order to get installed

      • If you login to Kodachi and click on offline Installer on your desktop that problem won’t happen 🙂 … It seems you have chosen to install from the boot up menu in that case you have to disconnect from internet for the installer to work without skipping

        • ok, got it.

          • I have installed it but upon first boot after installation the computer shuts down. After new boot kodachi runs well.
            Had this on two installs already.

          • Yes that is normal I have mentioned that on Install instruction on Kodachi page 🙂
            Once you have boot from the installed system it will do some background work on first boot only then it will shutdown you will have to boot it again this will happen only once after successful installation of Kodachi.

    • I am unable to encrypt the drive during install of 5.2. I have tried both from DVD and USB as well as from the direct install as well as install from the live desktop. Thank you

  53. Questioner

    I ask this just for others to know: should we avoid downloading each iso of kodachi using your vpn?

    • No it will kill the bandwidth 🙂 to verify that u got the right file with out modification just right click it and select Kodachi md5sum and compare the value with the one on the website.

      • Hi Warith, I’m curious as to what are the important steps that should betaken before browsing tge web in kodachi? What can be added to these steps – dns crypt, vpn on, tor on, dns leaks check, java off in about:config( if I don’t turn it off panopticlick shows 1 in 2000000 uniqueness of kodachi browser), disable browser fingerprint?

        Also, I haven’t checked the about:config settings of kodachi browser. Do you think something like ghacks-user.js can be added to kodachi in the future or firefox can be set to best configuration on install?

        • Hi Bob,
          VPN -> Tor > Dnscrypt should be fine additionally you have noisy crawler to add noise to the traffic .. In my case I run Kodachi on VMware and the host (Windows or Linux) has different running VPN service from different country different provider of the VPS then Kodachi run its own VPN on top of it.

          I tried to install ghacks-user.js with Kodachi browser on my test lab and the results are as the following:
          21.3 bits of identifying information. Kodachi browser without ghacks-user.js
          18.13 bits of identifying information. Kodachi browser with ghacks-user.js

          I will only need to make sure it won’t break any of the installed plugins or browsing experience if things are ok I will include ghacks-user.js on next release which will do the job of changing about:config settings manually.

          Thank you 🙂

  54. Kodachi 5.2 is out with UEFI installation support.

  55. Konstantine

    how to upgrade release??

    • You have to download the new iso for the new release.

      • Good morning, from version 5.0,5.1,5.2,I have a problem with my keyboard. In fact i can’t write u,i,o,p,j,k,l,m,? which give 4,5,6,*,1,2,3,-,0, associated normally with the touch fn. Thanks for your answer.

        • Is that after login or before ? Have you tried to change keyboard layout from US to something else ? Settings > Keyboard or Settings > Ibus

          You can also try on bottom menu System apps > Fcitx or Florence

          All of the above 4 tips have to do with different keyboard layouts and inputs

  56. I want to install Kodachi Linux on a ssd alonside to windows 10, a dual boot. I do this via – Install_Kodachi_offline.desktop -. After the installation I restart the PC, but I only get “grub>” on the screen. So I can not choose both Windows and Kodachi. How can I start Kodachi alongside to windows by means of a grub.

  57. Critical announcement please make sure you generate new wallet before running #Exodus wallet in #Kodachi the current wallet is shared ! I will fix this in version 5.2. To generate new wallet just paste this in command line

    rm -f -r /home/kodachi/.config/Exodus/exodus.wallet
  58. KodachiUser

    By the way, is it normal for root kit hunter to show different numbers in the line ‘possible rootkits’?
    For example, sometimes I get 5, 16, 15 etc etc. It just basically changes…

  59. KodachiUser

    Someone is hacking my computer even when using a live cd or live usb but most problems happen when I install the OS to the hard drive to the point specially the entire dns system stops working.
    I have solved the problem partially with the force vpns issues by doing a bash script I found in the internet like this
    sudo ufw default deny outgoing
    sudo ufw default deny incoming
    sudo ufw allow out on tun0 from any to any
    sudo ufw allow out from any to
    sudo ufw enable
    sudo ufw status
    sudo openvpn client.conf &
    Then just bash nameofscript.sh and first I start the vpn by using the script of your distro or simply by starting openvpn through terminal as normally.
    The other part of the script to stop it is
    sudo ufw disable
    sudo ufw status
    sudo kill `p -ef | grep openvpn | awk ‘{print $2}’
    But the third line does not work (I am still a newbie and this cybercriminal who attacks my computer constantly no matter what internet connection I use is basically making it difficult for me to go on studying anything. The noisy crawler probably bothers him right now though XD).

    • Hello,

      You don’t have to type all of those commands just click on force all traffic via vpn and it will be done for you. Don’t forget you have to be connected to VPN before you run it.

      • KodachiUser

        But my problem is: Whenever I connect to vpn, afterwards the button ‘force all connections through vpn’ barely ever work, with this script though, it tends to work. I suppouse by now, it’s because someone is hacking my computer remotely (I get issues in other distributions aswell) for no reason.

  60. hi, your very nice 5.0 distro is permanently installed on the flash drive for vmware use. Can I upgrade to version 5.1 without a full reinstallation?

  61. Some usefull tools added against reverse engineering please, suffering cpu warmharm, and receiving commands from distance source, damaging hardware components such as ram, hard drive, and so on, there few unknown chips installed on harddrive that receive orders such lock fanspeed+overloadcpu+overloadcpu+lockkeyboard¥mouse such as the bootloader cheers!

  62. I am happy to announce that #Linux #Kodachi 5.1 has been released today I hope you all like it

    Version 5.1:
    Based on: Debian 9.5 Xbuntu 18.04 LTS
    Kernel: 4.18.0-11
    System: 64bit
    Release date: 09.11.2018
    + Added Noisy crawler
    + Added Synchting file transfer service
    + Added Tenta DNS
    + Added Opennic DNS
    + Added Boot type on Desktop display Legacy or Uefi
    + Added system persistence or not status on Desktop display
    + Added Iridium-browser
    + Added Waterfox browser (Kodachi browser is based on Waterfox now)
    + Added language-selector-gnome so you can easily change language layout
    – Removed Chromium (Iridium-browser replacement)
    – Removed Firefox (Waterfox replacement)
    – Display changes with logo replacement
    ! Fixed Dnscrypt display
    ! Fixed VPN disconnect status
    ! Fixed Kodachi installation script
    ! Fixed force all traffic via vpn script
    ! Fixed few bugs on connectivity script

    Pending issue to be fixed in future:
    %- Kodachi browser is not supporting Tor onion URLS you can use Tor browser for that.
    %- Kodachi can boot from Legacy + UEFI as live image but if you want to install it you have to boot from Legacy mode so persistence mode is not supported in UEFI boot for now.

    • diosga-devil

      hello friend, I tried to install kodachi from version 5.0 and now the last 5.1 permanently in a 32GB USB memory but I get an error at the end because of the fact that it does not recognize the memory either by the format, something else and apologize which is the form that must have the usb memory to be able to install it or it will be that because it does not upload a manual of installation and configuration of linux-kodachi thanks.

    • Hi there, you should add protection against rever engineering, such as controlling the cpu in distance, like locking fanspeed or to help delete unknown ram page in the hardware, or to block unknown chip set at harddrive (as physical hacking)

    • Hello my friend. This an amazing OS. I thank you very much. For me the UI is quite fine but as I am showing to friends who prefer Deepin. Can this be altered to Deepin Desktop?
      And in saying that is Deepin desktop secure? Been hearing rumours of spyware and such. Thank you again!

    • Hello Warith. I was wondering why did you choose waterfox and not icecat. Icecat is more often mentioned as the best firefox replacement ant version 60 was recently released. But It’s just what I’ve read, you probably know better.

      • Hi Bob,
        Choosing waterfox over firefox and icecat was based on users request also when it comes to firefox plugins waterfox supports most if not all of them where in icecat its not the case. Please checkout this discussion. If you have diffrent opinion to switch over icecat please share it.

  63. Hi Warith, your Kodachi is a great distro, I love it and I change half of the Backbox with your good script in .kbase. So, I had some problems with the installation on HD in the prevoius version ( installation forced to finish, overheating CPU, and lost apt.list on rebboot). I will try again with the 5.0. Please include Waterfox in the next release, and thanks for all.

    • Nice maybe you could share your changes on the scripts if you made them better. Kodachi 5.0 has problem with installation on UEFI enabled system you can only install it if you run the bios in Legacy mode.

      I don’t think I i will be able to fix this soon however 5.1 will have much more improvements.

      • Oh… the main change was to unplug Tor from the Kodachi VPN into .systemhealth, so I can use the distro without abusing your band and run only my own VPN (Riseup) with/without Tor. Nothing extraordinary, also I just adapted all conky and cairo conf to work on Backbox, include DNS proxy (adding too Open DNS instead Comodo). Fine and pretty work. Hope I can soon install Kodachi in my HD (wait for 5.1 release). Have a nice day and thank you again

        • Nice work I am glad to see someone sharing their customization of Kodachi all the best 🙂

          5.1 will be out soon but it can only be installed in Legacy bios mode I am stuck with UEFI it won’t boot after installation will see in the future if I can solve it.

          I tried to boot linux mint on UEFI after installation it did’t work as well

  64. Abd al-Uzza

    Hmm Version 5.0 seems to fix many problems I encounter in last versions… Thank you!
    I would add as suggestion this: add a switch so conky updates or not the ips (as checking ips uses commands which in certain situations could stress the network to have a switch would be really cool!). Not sure how would be better to implement it though…

    As a small bug I changed the language and I got it changing back to default english multiple times… I am not sure why though… if someone elses get this just here someone elses letting you know. Thanks.

    • Thank you,

      If you stop ip retrieval it will make VPN and tor not to function properly as they intended to have those Internet ips. Refreshing rate is once every 45 seconds which I think it is acceptable for just a simple string. System will triger immediate refresh request if you click on any of the icons that requires new ips like vpn dns ..etc

      I also fixed few bugs on that script that u will notice on 5.1 🙂

      For the language if you mean keyboard then no issues but if u want to change layout try the following:

      sudo apt update
      sudo apt install $(check-language-support)
      sudo apt install language-selector-gnome

      From application menu go to settings language support and add your language then drag it to be top of the list then apply system wide logout and login to the system.

      I tried it there is no bug except I did not include language-selector-gnome which will be included in 5.1 🙂

  65. Ahmed Saleem

    Please fix the force all connections to go through vpn… everytime I do that vpn falls or simply can´t browse at all and it´s a very important feature.
    Please add tenta dns with dns crypt support.
    Thank you

  66. Ok I have to confirm the following:

    Kodachi 5.0 can work on the following conditions:

    1- Live ISO Legacy
    2- Live ISO UEFI for USB Flash image use etcher https://www.balena.io/etcher/ or rufus http://rufus.akeo.ie/

    3- Legacy persistence install.

    Kodachi 5.0 won’t boot on the following condition:

    For UEFI persistence install it does not work so u need to change your bios to boot in legacy mode.

  67. is there anyway to install waterfox & remove firefox,i tried various ways with no luck & im sick of disabling firefox about:config settings to be more privacy respecting ect, 4.3 version sometimes freezes using 100% cpu, this never happened on 4.1 (cpu t8100)dual core is this processor not enough for the os ?.

    • If you remove firefox you will loose Kodachi browser with all its privacy features (not recommended). However if you really know what you are doing then follow this 🙂
      # Remove firefox or ignore the following command to have Waterfox with firefox in one system.

      sudo apt remove firefox

      # Installing Waterfox commands i tried it on Kodachi 5.0 and it worked without uninstalling firefox

      echo "deb https://dl.bintray.com/hawkeye116477/waterfox-deb release main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
      curl https://bintray.com/user/downloadSubjectPublicKey?username=hawkeye116477 | sudo apt-key add -
      sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install waterfox

      Note Kodachi 5 will have Chromium web browser pre-installed

      • Hi Warith, your Kodachi is a great distro, I like it but I had some problems with the HD installation on the previous release ( installation forced to finish, overheating CPU and lost apt.list on reboot). I need Kodachi in my HD, no just usb-live, so I will try to installate it again with version 5.0. Please, add Waterfox in the next release and thanks for all.

        Great work!

    • thanks warith,waterfox now installed on kodachi 5.0,i got to say this version is a vast improvement,running great,the only thing is & i dont kmow if its a bug but the os wont shut down,it goes through the process everything ok except failed unmounting cdrom.mount then it refuses to shut down. ok power button to shut it down its still my favorite distro, have you looked at a open source privacy tool called noisy,i dont know much about it apart from the fact its claims to make retrieved data unusable,well beyond me, but you might find it usefull.

      • You ar emsot welconme,

        Regarding Waterfox if I recieve more requests to included it will be there by default on next releases.
        For the shutdown issue I am assuming you ar talking about the live version of Kodachi, Normally it should give u a message to remove CD rom just ignore it press Enter and it will shutdown (If u install Kodachi u won’t see the message) .. In case you reboot from live yes we have a bug I u will need to shutdown then start again for it to detect the cdrom and boot Kodachi.
        For the tool you mentioned please pass me the link so I have a look at it.

        • https://github.com/1tayH/noisy there is a youtube tutorial on this by Null Byte use noisy.py to cloack your internet activity from network surveillance

        • I tried to install Waterfox but it won’t appear. If you could include it in the next version I’ll be grateful.

          • Sure I i will include it if I have one more vote 🙂

            For now to install waterfox use the following:

            # Installing Waterfox commands i tried it on Kodachi 5.0 and it worked without uninstalling firefox

            echo "deb https://dl.bintray.com/hawkeye116477/waterfox-deb release main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
            curl https://bintray.com/user/downloadSubjectPublicKey?username=hawkeye116477 | sudo apt-key add -
            sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install waterfox
  68. The new 4.3 version I cant get to boot? All previous versions a made a bootalbe usb and it worked fine. But now it times out and boots to the normal operating system on my computer and not Kodachi?

  69. volumuar

    Hi! My friend, i have one quastion.
    If I on kodachi vpn, on TOR and used kodachi browser with on Browsec – What route I have?:
    1. PC – kodachi VPN – TOR – Browsec VPN
    2. PC – kodachi VPN – Browsec VPN

    • Hi
      You can try all variants: PC – VPN –Tor, PC – VPN – Tor – VPN, but the main problem is Kodachi VPN!
      Before this VPN is activated, anyone who would target you (NSA, FBI, CIA, Interpol) knows your true IP, and is also known by Mr. Warith Al Maawali and his VPN !!!
      What kind of trust do you have in this person? Do you know him personally? No!
      If one of you is visiting Tor through illegal websites, it’s his problem, but Kodachi is a very bad choice in this case !!
      Do you know what software Edward Snowden is using today? Qubes Linux.
      And why?
      Try a moment to think.
      Anonymity and safety are not free and never trust anyone!

    • If I on kodachi vpn, on TOR and used kodachi browser with on Browsec – What route I have?:

      You will have PC – kodachi VPN – Browsec VPN which means you lost Tor layer on your secure chain and that is bad ! Use Browsesec only if you need a proxy because its not a VPN its a proxy and Tor is much more secure and private than a web proxy system.

  70. Ok I have to make it clear that I miss understood the requirement of persistence mode ! I always thought it meant to have permanent installation on a media. No I came to find out what does it mean 🙁 I will try to have persistence mode on version 5.0 sorry to tell you until version 4.3 persistence mode is not available but you can still install it if you want to with encryption enabled as well.

    • i’m getting a error for grub2 “The ‘ grub-efi-amd64-signed’ package failed to install into / target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot.” how to fix that?

      • Make sure uefi is enabled in the computer firmware through bios settings. It seems your are trying it on a very old PC.

        • i have nightblade mi2 gaming pc, not as old but it as uefi on, but it still gave the errors 🙂 i will use it on VM for now, i hope to see more on this for newer and older system i like the layout and the system info 🙂 great work mate

  71. Hi
    I have a problem.
    Kodachi in Virtualbox – Full resolution in full-screen mode is not possible.
    Whonix in Virtualbox – no problem.

    • Don’t use Virtualbox i faced issues with it as well as it deoesn’t like big ISO. Use vmware player its fee stable and very fast Kodachi runs smoothly on it.

      • volumuar

        Yes, i have a problem on virtual box too.
        Thanks for telegram. But his secure is questionable.

      • Hi
        Thank you for answer.
        I also tried Vmware but there were other problems.
        I think I’d rather stay at Whonix, this is a professional software and I do not have to wait 15 minutes before I connect to the Internet.
        Your system needs a lot of fine tuning. Activation of your VPN takes too long and why Kodachi browser has probably all possible extensions but Noscript does not have the most important one. And there are more problems. I will not write all.
        Good luck then

  72. Kodachi 4.3 released I encourage all old version users to shift there is a major change in performance 🙂

    Version 4.3:
    Based on: Debian 9.5 XFCE/ Mint 19
    Kernel: 4.18.15
    System: 64bit
    Release date: 20.10.2018
    + New kernel latest stable one!
    + Added Telegram secure messenger.
    + Added Wire secure messenger.
    + Added VLC media player.
    + Added refresh status in Desktop
    + Added custom installation slides.
    + Added more Tor fixed exit nodes.
    + Added snap installer
    – Removed Virtual box not compatible with kernel 4.18.15
    – Disabled Cairo clipboard monitor ( For better privacy)
    ! Fixed bug installer hangs if PC is connected to the Internet.
    ! Fixed and improved couple of scripts Distro takes less resources and its much faster.
    ! Updated Exudos, Tor and Signal.
    ! XFCE panel moved to left side.
    ! Rearranged bottom panel icons.

    • I installed the update 4.3 and it’s awesome! I do have an issue to pass along with a horizontal line towards the bottom of my screen. The line shows on my desktop, browser, documents etc. I installed kodachi on two different usb’s with no change.

      • Does the line show one desktop as well ? So strange on web browser its normal until you load a page it will disappear. It would be nice if you provide me with a screen shot of the issue.

  73. Version 4.2 users in order to have a smooth update (No hangs) you have to disconnect from internet. Start and continue the installation without Internet everything will run as expected.

    I am working on version 4.3 which will have the above bug fixed 🙂

  74. Note I have disabled user login feature from version 4.2 if you want to login with user name and password after installation go to System -> User and groups -> Change password option to ask for login.

  75. Today I will release 4.2 expect the following features:

    Version 4.2:
    Based on: Debian 9.5 XFCE/ Mint 19
    System: 64bit
    Release date: 14.10.2018
    + New kernel!
    + New installer with supports of encrypted persistence mode
    + Added Rootkit hunter shortcut
    + Added memory info and resolution on Desktop information
    + Added Midori web browser
    + Added ssh, denyhosts control on services menu
    – Window manager, icons, and theme changed
    ! Fixed Redshift bug
    ! Fixed and improved couple of scripts
    ! ISO is 700MB less than version 4.1

    • duportail

      Tried to install with the installer on the desktop, but installer halts mostly on software retrieval. Somethimes at package 135 of 136, and sometimes 99 of 100.
      What can i do?

      • As I have mentioned on installation steps if it stops in any step you just click on skip button and it will continue the installation it happened with me twice and system was installed. Note that 4.2 does not have login screen after installation if you intend to have a login screen enable it from settings.

        • duportail

          ok, got it.
          Another question: there is no /etc/apt
          Is this normal?

          • Not its not normal have u installed the live system? Its there on both for me live and installed version !

            /etc/apt$ ls
            apt.conf.d     sources.list   sources.list.d  trusted.gpg.d
            preferences.d  sources.list~  trusted.gpg
          • duportail

            installed from a usb live system. As you recommended, click on skip during stalled package retrieval. In the live system /etc/apt is present

    • Volumuar

      System is stable, but sometimes not connect kodachi vpn. What other vpn would you recommend for secure.

  76. Hello, sir. What is your opinion on safety of bitmask vpn or vpngate+openvpn? And what is the best site to get personal vpn like kodachi vpn?

  77. Volumuar

    Doing everything according to the manual for 4.1, after installation the system is not loaded. Black screen when booting on virtual reality and a black screen when booting on USB. What could be the problem? Installed even with 1 USB to 2 USB. The first is started, installed – black screen.

  78. I might base Kodachi 4.2 on Mint 19 XFCE to solve hardware and installation issues.

    • Volumuar

      Doing everything according to the manual for 4.1, after installation the system is not loaded. Black screen when booting on virtual reality and a black screen when booting on USB. What could be the problem? Installed even with 1 USB to 2 USB. The first is started, installed – black screen.

    • Yes, thanks! 4.2 installed on virtual box! For install on flash i need 32Gb?

  79. How do I switch the system language to Russian? I just don’t understand

  80. getting an “input not supported” error during boot, do i need edit anything ?

  81. I confirm we have a bug with the installer for the persistence mode I will try to find a solution on the next release.

  82. hacking tutolia plz

  83. Hello!

    I would like to use this OS on an old Acer notebook,but the boot process stops at acer_wmi.
    Can I leave out this (acer_wmi) somehow from the boot process?

    • Yes I thisk so try to add


      If you still have problem after that try to disable ipv6

      • Thank’s yours fast answer! I will try it!

      • Hello. I launched kodachi in a vm and it doesn’t look like it does on a video or pics. It has static icons, debian standard background, one firefox browser without add-ons. 6 big icons in the bottom center( browser,terminal, search, file manager,minimeze win). Is something wrong with it? Previous version worked fine on my vm.

  84. kris-ski007

    a super system better than Tails … thanks for working on this system
    Maybe easy installation on the hard disk for the future.

  85. Ok version 4 is out I have forgot to place Exodus shortcut on menus :). I will fix this on version 4.1 for now to run the wallet just type


    Let me me know if u need any changes or add ons for 4.1

    • Sir, is spossible usb persistence mode?

    • Hello, there is a really big problem. I’m from Turkey, so that means I have a Turkish keyboard layout. When Kodachi locked or loged out I have to enter the username and password right, but when I’m trying to press “@” symbol (Alt gr + Q) there is nothing happening. So I can’t login again. There is one way, just restart the system again. Because there is just one option (en_us utf8) in the greeter screen. You need to add a localisation screen at the starting like Tails, I think It would be great.
      There are two more problems I want to express The touchpad click is not working. I’m not talking about two buttons at the bottom side of the touchpad. I’m talking about touch cliking. It’s not working.
      And the last one is clock. When I open the “Orange Global Time” app from App Launcher > Office, the sysstem clock has been changed. Changed to back. I thought it would be fixed if I restarted it, but it didn’t fixed. I noticed later that It’s because BIOS time has been changed. I did this process again for confirmation, and it happed again.
      So, however. I discovered this OS today when I’m looking around Distrowatch and I loved it! If you fix thee problems (especially the localisation problem) I will definitely continue to use. Keep up the great work.

      • For the keyboard its based on US so to type @ press shit and number 2 🙂
        – I will solve this on version 4.1

        “There are two more problems I want to express The touchpad click is not working. I’m not talking about two buttons at the bottom side of the touchpad. I’m talking about touch cliking. It’s not working.”
        – This could be a driver missing problem

        “And the last one is clock. When I open the “Orange Global Time” app from App Launcher > Office, the system clock has been changed. Changed to back. I thought it would be fixed if I restarted it, but it didn’t fixed. I noticed later that It’s because BIOS time has been changed. I did this process again for confirmation, and it happed again.”

        – You have to set the time zone for your country and it should give u the correct time :). How ever next version I will have ntp installed with one buttin time sync for the system clock

        • Hello again,
          1) Thank you.
          2) I used too many Linux distros and my touch clicking were OK. Maybe you’re right, it could be a driver problem.
          3) Yes I know if I set the time zone it will fixed. But this is not what supposed to be. The clock should not change because I ran the application.

          • 2) I used too many Linux distros and my touch clicking were OK. Maybe you’re right, it could be a driver problem.
            _ If you know the driver I will include it not a problem.
            3) Yes I know if I set the time zone it will fixed. But this is not what supposed to be. The clock should not change because I ran the application.
            Try Kodachi version 4.1 it has a buttong to sync the time on other apps menu

        • _ If you know the driver I will include it not a problem.

          It might be helpful.

          xinput -list
          ⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]
          ⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]
          ⎜ ↳ MOSART Semi. 2.4G Wireless Mouse id=8 [slave pointer (2)]
          ⎜ ↳ SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad id=11 [slave pointer (2)]
          ⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)]
          ↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)]
          ↳ Power Button id=6 [slave keyboard (3)]
          ↳ Video Bus id=7 [slave keyboard (3)]
          ↳ HP TrueVision HD Camera: HP Tru id=9 [slave keyboard (3)]
          ↳ AT Translated Set 2 keyboard id=10 [slave keyboard (3)]
          ↳ HP Wireless hotkeys id=12 [slave keyboard (3)]
          ↳ HP WMI hotkeys id=13 [slave keyboard (3)]

  86. I am working on Kodachi 4.0 if you have any comments please write them here or in twitter @warith2020

    So far this what I have done:
    Linux #Kodachi 4 will based on Debian 9.5 XFCE
    + Added MenuLibre Gnome Commander Coyim Ring Open Shot Icedove atom
    + Added Rkhunter Steghide Gnome Nettool GResolver SiriKali
    + Added Nvidia Detect Florence i2p Zulucrypt Zulumount Onion Circuits Gnu Net
    + Added cloud flare DNS
    + Public Ip resolver
    – Replaced Komodo-Edit with Atom
    – Replaced Electrom LTC/BTC with Exodus wallet
    – Removed TrueCrypt
    ! Fixed Tor bug
    ! Fixed Dns Crypt bug
    ! Conky enhanced
    ! GUI enhanced

    • Great stuff VPN to sorted out also ability to use ones own VPN.

    • Send me the output then 🙂

      dmesg|grep fail
      [ 5.610876] intel-vbtn INT33D6:00: failed to read Intel Virtual Button driver
      [ 5.852080] thermal thermal_zone6: failed to read out thermal zone (-61)

  87. My VPN get turned off every 2mins.

    Kodachi openvpn[7088]: Options error: unknown –redirect-gateway flag: ipv6
    Kodachi openvpn[7088]: ERROR: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 2

    Please help anyone

  88. Eshwar

    Why does my VPN get turned off every 2mins?

    • Safronus

      Yes, mine too ..

    • Follow me man.
      1.Installed to Flash Drive. Configured BIOS to boot from USB
      2. Once booted to Kodachi3, updated all packages with Synaptic Package Manager, and rebooted
      3. To work around this version Torbrowser-launcher bug, edited Tor Browser link in bottom Cairo-Dock by changing “Command to launch on click” from torbrowser-launcher to ~/.local/share/torbrowser/tbb/x86_64/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/start-tor-browser
      4. Since I dual-boot with Windows that sets local time to BIOS,

  89. Andrew

    Great distro but the soundcard on my new laptop is not recognised:
    Intel a171
    Any ideas?

  90. Current Kodachi release needs update. To make it work now, I did the following:
    1. Installed to Flash Drive. Configured BIOS to boot from USB
    2. Once booted to Kodachi3, updated all packages with Synaptic Package Manager, and rebooted
    3. To work around this version Torbrowser-launcher bug, edited Tor Browser link in bottom Cairo-Dock by changing “Command to launch on click” from torbrowser-launcher to ~/.local/share/torbrowser/tbb/x86_64/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/start-tor-browser
    4. Since I dual-boot with Windows that sets local time to BIOS, I edited in Terminal with ‘sudo nano’ the file ‘/etc/adjtime’ by changing line UTC to LOCAL, and saved to keep Debian hardware clock in local time as Windows does. Then select your local timezone in Terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
    5. Click on Tor Browser shortcut in Cairo-Dock, and it launches Tor, click Connect
    6. To use tor with Kodachi browser, change SOCKS 5 port to 9150 in Manage Proxies – Tor – Edit on the browser toolbar, then open Tor Project site to check connection.

    • I will be working on a new version soon thx

      • Husam Lenin

        I look forward to it with joy. Thanks to you

      • Re: New Version of Kodachi

        How long before you will be working on a new versions of Kodachi and when is the time frame you will release this new versions? Are this new versions are based on Debian 9 Stable or greater?. Also, when I installed your Kodachi 7, the Tor & VPN version keeps shutting down the connections. I have a separate VPN which PIA (Private Internet Access) & tried to configure the instructions as specified to your documents & unfortunately remains the same. Great distro & Thank you.

      • mahmoud neazy

        متى الاصدار الجديد اخانا الفاضل
        رجاء مراعاة ان معظم خدمات vpn
        وكذلك Tor تم حجبها فى دول عربية خاصة مصر

      • Hello, good afternoon. When some new version? By the way, when using the encrypted installation, it tells you to install cryptsetup, then, when you install it and start it, everything is correct, install it. But when the installation finishes, it gives an error in the encryption. Could you solve that? thank you very much.

    • Saleigh

      Thanks for this what about the vpn that keeps disconnecting? What do you suggest?

    • Hi thanks for this,

      any work around on the VPN connection that keeps dropping?

  91. MrLinuxMan

    Is anyone having issues getting NordVPN OpenVPN to work with Kodachi? With Kodachi own VPN not very reliable i wanting to use my own. I have placed the config file NordVPN provides and edited the line for the auth-user-pass to say auth-user-pass auth.txt i then start my own VPN and wait 1min, then i messages says its connected sucsesfully but then when i check the VPN status it gives an IP address that is not correct and seems to have just connected to the default VPN Kodachi provides.

    If anyone can help me send me an email to MrlinuxMan@outlook.com

    • MrLinuxMan

      actually i think OpenVPN in Kodachi is buggy as i finally have NordVPN working but it does exactly the same as the default Kodachi VPN where it keeps disconnecting all the time and then re-connecting.

      Anyone found how to fix is this issue?

  92. I'vefallenandIcan'tgetup

    yeah, TOR can’t run, the kodachi browser kind of works but not for long that’s true.

    I’m trying to mount a veracrypt volume and getting the error Permission denied every time. The volume is located on an external HD is that the problem?

  93. why is TOR and VPN connection getting diconnected ??

    • This is also happening to me. I have Kodachi installed on a Virtual Machine. Also TOR is not being updated properly even after I fixed the problem involving the command (gpg –homedir “$HOME/.local/share/torbrowser/gnupg_homedir/” –refresh-keys –keyserver pgp.mit.edu ). I was able to update properly the first time but when I closed TOR and opened it again, it had to update again. I did this many times and it will always ask for update. I am wanting to install Kodachi permanently with TOR updated permanently so that I dont have to update everytime I use Kodachi.

      Every 15-30 minutes my TOR and VPN both get disconnected and my TOR sends me this message: “TOR has

      I am also unable to verify the MD5 Checksum because I get an error message “Error, Could not calculate Checksums: Access to the Path ‘(PATH)\kodachi-3.7-64.iso’ is denied”
      from my program called “MD5 Hash Check4dots V1.0”

      I am using Windows7 with a Virtual Machine, I followed the instructions for a permanent installation of Kodachi and it installed with success, but these are my problems and reasons why I can’t use kodachi. I would like to have a stable connection for at least 10 hours or more.

      • I forgot to add the error given by TOR browser, this is the message:

        “Tor unexpectedly exited. This might be due to a bug in Tor itself, another program on your system, or faulty hardware. Until you restart Tor, the Tor Browser will not able to reach any websites. If the problem persists, please send a copy of your Tor Log to the support team.”

  94. Hi sorry if this is stupid but I can’t find anywhere that I can change to a new wifi network, where are the wifi settings?

    Also I notice that it is all the time dropping VPN or dropping TOR, never stay connected more than a minute or two even though the wifi signal is strong.

  95. Smithers

    Hi is some special configuration necessary for TOR to work? Each time I try to run I get the error message that signature cannot be verified.

    I tried downloading from the Kodachi browser and running that but it also doesn’t work it says there is some problem with a proxy setting?

    • Tor update source may have some issues if you can’t update Tor browser due signature verification failure just run the following command:

      gpg –homedir “$HOME/.local/share/torbrowser/gnupg_homedir/” –refresh-keys –keyserver pgp.mit.edu

      • Ok I did that, now it says tor must update, it downloads it, then gives this message: tor unexpectedly exited. This might be due to a bug in tor itself, another program on your system, or faulty hardware.

  96. Hello. For the second day in a row the tor is not working. kodachi 3.7
    I can not access sites blocked in my country.two days ago I used to visit these sites with the help of kodachi. Best regards

  97. hi there is it possible to install this distro on a drive with luks encryption same as kali for instance ?

    • No idea try it and let us know 🙂

      • Artur Pedro Martins


    • Artur Pedro Martins

      Get YUMY USB (MUltiboot)USB and get Kodachi! To add the Kodachi add on GRUB (partition 4)!And you you can add multiple boots Kali comes listed!

  98. hi just a quick one, is there a way to install it on a drive with encryption same like kali for instance ??

  99. sherpa

    in next version of Linux Kodachi do You can use SoftEther VPN http://www.softether.org/ instead of OpenVPN? SoftEther VPN has speed (througput) until 900 Mbps.

  100. frida

    according your instruction i have installed the kodachi system , but when i restarted the system and after confirmed my username and password does not appear under the taskbar even desktop information. I Just see the picture in the background. Could you help me?

  101. Hextence

    Does this support UEFI booting? I would love to use it on my Mac.

  102. Doug Framesteen

    I really like Kodachi but the VPN and Tor connections always disconnect. This is very frustrating if trying to work on something for a long period of time. I wonder if it is just my VPN but it is a well known and estalished one. Pretty sure I saw other commentors saing that same thing too. Before I go invest in a new VPN do you have any input on this? if I cannot get it fixed then ill probably have to switch to another distro which would be a shame because i love the features of Kodachi.

  103. quaker

    How on earth is this anonymous, private or secure if you record user IP addresses?

  104. Alojzy

    Anyone got sucessfully burn it on USB flash?
    If so please share step by step how did you get it working.
    I’ve tried 6 different burners, 3 different flashdrives and multiple combinations but no luck.
    Downloaded ISO starts fine under VirtualBox.
    Thanks in advance

    • I will address this issue on next release.

    • Sentein

      Do you want a full install onto a USB or would you like an ISO/Live to USB? I have done both. If you boot a live disk in a dvd Tray you can install to a USB no problem. If you would like the ISO on a USB as a live Boot ISO I used rufus to get it working. The USB will not boot in VirtualBox but works perfectly on Machine Startup. Also if you burn with Rufus on windows you can then access this partition through a live boot disc using Gparted and shrink said partition on the USB. This frees up space to then create other partitions. I use this to have a Truecrypt partition and i am now trying to setup a Persistent partition on the same drive. A normal Windows computer will not be able to use any of the space on the USB for storage but in my case that does not matter.

  105. Is it possible to run the web browser as well as in browser downloads sandboxed in Kodachi?

    I know there is firejail but firefox is not a selected app and I am unsure how to proceed.

  106. first i enter the command into terminal to allow Tor to update but then it gives an error when i try to update Tor again:

    “your browser is out of date. upgrading from 6.0.8 to 6.5.2”
    “downloading signature”
    “download error: 404 not found”

    what should I do?

    • Tor update source may have some issues if you can’t update Tor browser due signature verification failure just run the following command:
      gpg –homedir “$HOME/.local/share/torbrowser/gnupg_homedir/” –refresh-keys –keyserver pgp.mit.edu

  107. Peter S

    I have installed Kobachi in a virtual machine. It is running fine except for two problems:

    1. At start up, the Dock is not shown, I have to go into the Apps menu and choose Cairo – Dock from the Settings menu

    2. The Desktop Information Display is not shown

    3. The VPN will not start so I cannot run the Tor Browser

    • Try it on a different PC with more resources allocated using VMware.

    • frida

      Dear Peter,
      have you solved your three problems?

      Please let me know because I tried to install it on two different machine but the problem is same.

      thanks a lot!

  108. Sentein

    Tried to load off of a Live CD and Encrypt the installation, This did not work and says i need to run a few commands in the terminal to get this to work correctly. No matter how i try to load this with encryption it will not work. I would like to encrypt the whole Operating System in a Veracrypt style Hidden OS setup. Veracrypt does not support this operation with linux. Knowing this how did you get it to work on a Virtual Machine? Not saying you are wrong just wondering how you accomplished this.

    • In my case I will just place the entire virtual machine files into a hidden Veracrypt container if I need stuff to be saved I will use snap shots withing VM it self.

  109. I read the link you provided about USB wireless adapters but I have a TP Link WN722N already and this was definitely not plug and play, even though it is one of the most recommend devices in the link you provided. Can you just recommend one or two external USB wireless adapters that you know for sure are plug and play with Kodachi please? This would be very helpful.

  110. Can you recommend USB wireless adapters or internal wireless cards that are plug and play for Kodachi?

  111. Eidur

    When I use my own VPN I often have to click “Allow all traffic” before my VPN will actually connect. Then once connection is confirmed i click on force all traffic via VPN.

    What are the potential vulnerabilities of clicking “allow all traffic” as well as forgetting to click “force all traffic via VPN”?

    • Force All Traffic via VPN will allow only VPN Traffic to pass through.

      Allow All Traffic means that if you get disconnected from VPN provider your traffic will be not be stopped it will be sent with your real ISP IP so the answer to your question enabling Allow All Traffic will leak your real IP only if the VPN connection gets dropped.

  112. Is there a way to remaster the kodachi iso with more recent wireless drivers? I have a lot of intel wireless cards that are not working.

  113. echo11

    Own VPN says not-secure on the desktop information. Your VPN says secure though. Why is this?

  114. Agent Smith

    If you have persistence installed and you click ‘destroy kodachi’ in the panic room, what exactly will be destroyed? Will all files (e.g. Veracrypt volume on desktop) be destroyed as well?

    Is there any detailed documentation on Kodachi?

    • It will only destroy the Kodachi file systems not the attached media

      You can search Youtube they are many lessons and explanation to watch so far I have not published any documentation.

  115. 1. sudo apt-get update
    2. sudo apt-get update distro

    Do you recommend running these updates to keep system up-to-date?
    What other update commands do you recommend running frequently to ensure system is kept secure?
    What about making sure individual software, like virtualbox etc is kept up-to-date?

  116. Is it possible to have persistent kodachi installed within a Vercrypt Hidden OS?

  117. Sentein

    Is this a 64bit OS only? If not i am doing something wrong because the Live CD will not work at all on my 3 X86 Laptops. Any thoughts?

    • Yes its 64bit OS 🙂

      • Sentein

        Alright I have it loaded and working. I cannot get Tor to connect. I tried for hours and i have a feeling it has to do with the time registered on my OS. I am running my own VPN through a DDWRT Router then turn your VPN On which takes me to romania. Is tor looking for the Local time for my vpn or the romanian VPN? My DDWRT VPN is always on and i would really like to keep it that way.

  118. Nerve Stem

    I use my own VPN. Is it possible to completely disable the free kodachi VPN?

  119. I have tried this twice now and both times failed:

    1) Burn verified iso to USB using Rufus.
    2) Use refracta installer to install to another USB stick to get persistence. I follow the installation instructions exactly and installation completes without errors.
    3) When I try to boot the new persistent USB a white underscore flashes on a blank screen and nothing happens + the original live USB also no longer works with an instant error message.

    What to do?

  120. Claudio

    Is it possible to install persistence into a USB instead of a HDD? If yes, what is the minimum size of USB required? 32 GB?

    • For the current version better do it through VMware or Virtual box

    • Sentein

      Absolute Smallest Partition i could get it to load on was a 6GB which was 96% used at that point. I installed mine on a 10GB Partition, This gave some swap space and also gave some room for updates.

  121. Mr Smith

    Just installed Kodachi and I am very impressed by how user friendly it is. I have a few questions:

    1) is it possible to install a persistent version on my hard drive as a hidden OS using Veracrypt?

    2) If i use my own VPN then what configuration settings do i need to change to ensure no DNS or real IP leaks occur incase the VPN drops?

    • 1) is it possible to install a persistent version on my hard drive as a hidden OS using Veracrypt?

      Yes you can if you are using VMware or Virtual Box

      2) If i use my own VPN then what configuration settings do i need to change to ensure no DNS or real IP leaks occur incase the VPN drops?
      DNS leakage prevention is isolated from our VPN it should be on by default even if you use your own VPN.

  122. kodachifan

    any word on when the next release of kodachi will be?

    having issues with tor connecting.

    how do you choose the correct hour so it is not stuck at “loading network status”

    • Fore now to be able to fix Tor update run the following command before starting tor browser:

      gpg –homedir “$HOME/.local/share/torbrowser/gnupg_homedir/” –refresh-keys –keyserver pgp.mit.edu

      Alternatively use Kodachi Browser its based on Tor and you don’t have to go through update process 🙂

      Next version hmmm no specific date but If I get free I will work on it for sure 😉

  123. Hi, I would like to get Tor update to be permanent in my USB disk, as I always have to wait 30-40min before being able to use it. I’m not talking of installing on HDD or VBox with its related persistence. Just want to be able to update some things and then “update” the live version files to use them. Is there any possibility to do that? Any idea, suggest?

    Thanks for your work. Appreciate.

  124. Hey im trying to run gpg4usb of my memory stick but i cannot make it exacutable?

  125. Could you offer some specific steps on connecting to the internet with this? I’m new to linux and am having some issues. Specifically, I’m trying to connect to eduroam (I’m at university).

    • You should be automatically connected if you are using wired connection you only have to configure the wireless credentials if you are using wifi. Try Kodachi on Virtual machine first using virtual box or Vmware.

  126. Windows10_Hater

    New to Linux and working my way to be 100% open source. I installed it onto my HDD, I know the risks. Still less risky then Windows 10.

    Very nice of you to provide a VPN but I want to use my own and trying to set it up.

    You keep saying “Paste your own VPN config . . .” but I have no clue what you mean by that. What information is needed? I pasted the “Hostname” address into it. That did not seem to do anything.

    If I was on Ubuntu I could follow the steps with the “Network Manager” gave to me by my VPN service provider.

    What information do I need in the “My_VPN_Config.ovpn” file? How do I set up the information? Separate the information commas? Does the order of information have to be one way or another?

    Thanks Warith for all you do.

    • Assuming your VPN details as below:
      User Name:

      VPN host:



      Config would be as the following:
      # Paste your VPN Config here and do not forget to set your user name and password on this file auth.txt
      dev tun
      proto udp # You can use TCP if your host is using TCP port
      cipher AES-256-CBC
      resolv-retry infinite
      nobind –persist-key
      comp-lzo yes
      verb 3
      route-method adaptive
      #cert client1.crt
      #key client1.key
      #tls-auth ta.key 1
      reneg-sec 3600
      key-direction 1
      ns-cert-type server
      auth-user-pass auth.txt
      remote 4490

      Blah Blah

      Blah Blah

      # 2048 bit OpenVPN static key
      —–BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1—–
      Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
      —–END OpenVPN Static key V1—–


      Blah Blah

      Auth file would have:

    • baskets

      Pro tip for your .ovpn file which is found on your vpn’s website. might have to do some digging. usually found with trying to install your vpn but choosing your linux OS instead. then there should be a link to download all the .ovpn files.

      Here is where the protip comes into play. Drag and drop the auth.txt file into terminal and you will see the path it takes. Copy the path and paste it right next to the line that says auth-user-pass then add this without the parenthesis (‘) so it should look something like this or this exactly

      auth-user-pass ‘/home/kodachi/Desktop/Own_VPN_Config/auth.txt’

      I used the method in the instructions and it did not work for me.

      Now all I need to figure out is why my Tor is stuck at “Checking for Tor Browser update Downloading update check”

      Any word on when this will be addressed? Or am I doing something wrong because I did follow the directions and this has been a very frustrating venture.

      • This bug should be fixed on next version for now you can fix it by running the following command:

        gpg –homedir “$HOME/.local/share/torbrowser/gnupg_homedir/” –refresh-keys –keyserver pgp.mit.edu

  127. baskets

    will sudo apt-get upgrade after installed on HDD compromise security?

  128. Once in a blue moon it will let me download the Tor browser update. Lately it hasn’t let me on the same exact connection following the same exact steps. I followed instructions using terminal to renew the keys/signatures. It is still stuck at verifying signature. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

    • This bug should be fixed on next version for now you can fix it by running the following command:
      gpg –homedir “$HOME/.local/share/torbrowser/gnupg_homedir/” –refresh-keys –keyserver pgp.mit.edu

  129. My laptop use wireless nic which type is Ralink RT3290. When I boot kodachi from usb, it can’t connect internet, also it might can not identify my wireless nic. How can I do to fix this? Tks for any help!

  130. pepelinux

    Bravo , excellent initiative , je Télécharge de suite , je vais la tester et j’espère pouvoir l installer sur mon SSD ou HD !

    bonne continuation

  131. Hello, for when about the new version 3.8?

  132. Earthwormjim

    Hilo, does Kodachi run on Intel Atom processors?

  133. Tor has issues if you can’t update Tor browser due signature verification failure just run the following command:

    gpg --homedir "$HOME/.local/share/torbrowser/gnupg_homedir/" --refresh-keys --keyserver pgp.mit.edu
    • So i did this and it didnt change do you you need to do anything else after? could you please write the full instructions for people a little bit new to coding Thanks

  134. Why does PeerGuardian show multiple connections to ‘HM Customs and Excise’?
    IP, &

    • Dear Howard,
      PeerGuardianw will show you connections based on your running application close one by one to find out which one has the connection to that title.

  135. I cant seem to update Tor to latest version. Keeps saying the verification failed.

  136. I would like to make Kodachi version 3.7 in multiboot on a USB stick. XBOOT use portable application, a utility for creating multiboot usb / iso for the lightness with which can I renew certain OS’s on the stick. I tried using options:
    – ISO Grub4dos Emulation
    – Ubuntu Linux —
    – LIVE support ISO files witch-MEDIA PATH Kernel Parameter … but all attempts translates a black screen with promt…

    How can I solve this problem?
    With thanks,

    • Dear Doruletz,

      As far as I know ISO Grub4dos Emulation should work because Kodachi is based on Grub.I really have not tried it my self so I am not sure why its not working with you. I would rather install Kodachi on a separate flash drive using Rufus

    • use yumi.

  137. Hello, I’m planning to run Kodachi on my dual screen monitor setup. It’s a single graphics card and I use the dvi (second bus) and vga (primary bus.. because adapters). The primary screen will be the dvi. When I run Kodachi from the USB it boots and shows a desktop on the second screen while the primary screen stays off. What’s the easiest way to make it recognize the primary screen which is on the second bus of the videocard? Can I create an xorg.conf and will it be saved for when I load the OS another time? I’m not too familiar with Xfce desktop. I’ve seen the gnome desktop in linux mint for example automatically recognize all monitors. It would be sweet if Kodachi would work in a similar way. I’m planning on using it on this pc only, but it would be nice if I can load the USB on another PC with one monitor and still be able to run it without reconfiguring X. Thanks

  138. Hello, thanks for this distro, looks like so much effort to make it happen, I’ve tried to install it, since I like to use daily for general purposes, everything ok, but I faced an issue which is when I try log in with my user/pass I created before, it keeps log me out and return to the login screen, I’ve tried to log in with root, it works. how could i solve that issues without reinstalling again, thank you..

  139. Hi, first of all great work on this distro! I hope you can provide some help on an issue I’m having. I have not been able to connect to your VPN nor have I been able to connect to my own VPN (Mullvad) using there config files.

    Whats happening is when I try starting the VPN it says its started some time it shows as ON on the desktop but then only a few seconds latter it gives the Caution message. This happens with both your VPN and using my own.

    Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong or how to fix it. Also I’d much rather use my own VPN, if Mullvad wont work is there another provider you can recommend that will work and has been tested?

    Another question is when I start Firefox ESR I see that it requires a proxy to connect and wont connect unless I change the network settings to No Proxy. Is this because I cant get the VPN started proper or is this because you also recommend using some sock5 or other proxy in addition to the VPN and Tor?

    Hope you can help me sort this out. Thax

    • Dear Vatfaire,

      For own VPN just paste the config file on the folder on the Desktop I will add a guide soon for it.

      Please note that Kodachi 3.6 had an issue with VPN please download Kodachi 3.7 all problems have been fixed changes can be found here

      For Firefox ESR once you have VPN established wait for Tor to be established then run Kodachi browser you won’t have an issue because Kodachi browser is tunneled into local proxy to pass via TOR client.

  140. For Arabic Tutorial Please check this website


    Thank you Fouad for the effort

  141. Kodachi 3.5 has been released enjoy it make sure you read the change log
    I made sure to fulfill all your suggestions and recommendation on this version so enjoy it and thank you for your valuable input to the project 🙂


  142. In order to keep this service up and running we have to be strict few people were banned from using our VPN nodes due misuse of bandwidth or hosting illegal torrent files.

  143. When will 3.5 be released? Is there any chance Electrum & Monero clients can be added?

    • Dear Mike,

      I don’t have exact date but If you are subscribed to the news list you will receive a notification with the release details. For Electrum its already installed on current version for Bitcoind and Litecoin. I don’t thing you will need Monero client if you have Electrum client installed :).

  144. Is it possible to use persistence when making a kodachi bootable usb drive?
    I have tried unsuccessfully using the UUI and the mini tool partition wizard.

  145. What VPN does this use? How can we sure it’s a secure VPN & not a Hunnypot?

    • Is it possible to change the VPN or just change the country the VPN is connected to?

  146. Marcos Antonio

    Hi, friends, a Good Morning from Brasil.
    Can I install my Linux Kodachi 3 in my Hard Disk ?
    Many thanks !

    • Dear Marcos,

      We do NOT recommend installing Linux Kodachi permanently on any PC as it will save all your settings on the hard drive which defeats the main purpose of being an anti forensic OS we have also not included installing script on version 3.3. Always use Kodachi within Virtual Machine or Flash drive.

      • Marcos Antonio

        Ok, my dear friend Warith. I`ll run it in a Virtual Machine.
        A wonderful Sunday for you !
        Many thanks.

    • I understand the risks of installing to HDD, but I still want to do it. Is there any chance a installer can be included? (Hide it or make a big Warning sign before installing)

      • Dear Mike,

        We have setup our own VPN nodes its not a third party VPN service. You don’t have to worry I personally use same nodes for my privacy 🙂

  147. Silvio Arnone

    Hi! Am downloading the ISO image but can’t get MD5, SHA-256, SHA-512
    They are “grey” and the command to copy and paste does’nt work.
    Best Regards

  148. your default password doesn’t work for screen saver.


    • Dear Jim,

      It works I just verified that using Kodachi 3.3 but you have to type it with the user name:


      Make sure the @ symbol is typed correctly and it should work 🙂

      • Does not work for me.

        • nevermind. it does work for me now. i must have had caps lock on or something last night.

        • Yes type:
          passwd on terminal

          • Silvio Arnone

            Dear Warith,

            Thank you for your kind answer. – That is the point: was not possible for me to copy the data after highlighting them, don’t know why, never experienced something like that.
            When I download an ISO image I like to check values and saving them in a document.
            Got them now.

            Best Regards

  149. Great work!
    I hope you can help me.
    When I start Kodachi, the VPN is “insecure” and Tor is not running. How can I fix this?

  150. Dear Lemom,

    Just to let you know that I am working on version 3 now..

    Here is my feedback on your previous input:

    1- This will be available on Linux Kodachi 3

    2- I have include ibus,fcitx on Linux Kodachi 3

    3- Both firewalls will be updated and you can switch on the one your like

    4- Skype was removed!

    5- pidgin added

    6- This has been fixed now u can use Kodachi browser or Tor browser it self ( Ip refreshing is normal so u make sure u get the latest info)

    7- For security reasons it is a must to have them on before your login stop button have been added

    8- Excellent idea done on version 3 🙂

    9- I decreased the number of logos and website links to one only 🙂

    10- I moved from Gnome to XCFCE this problem will not be there on version 3.

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions from your side.

  151. Kevin R.

    First, I love this setup and design. It is fantastic. I hope that I can find a way to use this in the future. There is just one problem. There is no obvious method to disable the VPN service and use your own instead. Also, I cannot access onion sites, which I assume is because the speed is insufficient on the free vpn. If you could assist me in finding out how to accomplish that I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks.

    • Dear Kevin,

      You can easily start, stop or restart VPN service please look here:

      — Old image removed —

      However replacing VPN is not easy at this stage but as stated earlier I will try to include it on next release.

      For my self I have problem accessing onion sites even using TOR bundle it self.

      All these issues have been covered earlier and I will make sure to fix them on next release.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      • finnlee

        If gfw really blocked Shadowsocks and vpn
        spoofing hijacking vpn and DNS Agreement
        According to my findings, cisco ipsec vpn and anyconnect although the agreement is for business use (Cisco ASA server), but I see on a regular vps have built, the Cisco VPN connection does not know how much faster than the other

  152. Dear qiiixxsd,

    Follow the text guide for the time been I will post images in the near future..

  153. Astrolabe

    Hi Warith

    I accept your warning why I should not – but I want to permanently install Kodachi on a HDD. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to boot – I always end up in grub rescue. From there I have tried re-installing grub and grub2 but to no avail.
    I am a very experienced Linux user but this has me beat. Can you suggest what may have gone wrong?

    This is an excellent distro and I really appreciate the work that has gone into it.

    • Dear Astrolabe,

      I am glad to receive a positives feedback from you as an experienced Linux user. Regarding the issue you mentioned its a bit strange I have installed it on different brands and never faced this issue. I have written step by step installation guide that I follow could you please see it and make sure you are not missing any of the steps.

      Try it on virtual box or vmware first until you get it right:)

      The guide is on the main product page on the top just before the Download section.

      • Astrolabe

        Hi Warith

        Thank you for replying. I have followed your instructions to the letter on two bare metal machines as well as Virtual Box. None of them will boot. The Virtual Box just gives me a non-responsive black screen and the bare metal always says disk with a UUID not found and drops into grub rescue.

        I am going to have to give up on this and find another way to achieve what I want on a permanent installation. Thanks anyway.

        • Dear Astrolabe,

          I wish I could help its difficult to know what goes wrong if the PC is not in front of you, Please let me know if you find your way so others with similar issue would benefit as well.

          • qiiixxsd

            need an Installation tutorial pictures or books or youtube

  154. lemom

    I have run this system 4 times, I found it was unstable. It will suddenly turn black and need to login. The bottom bar will turn out to be on the top,and when it is on the top,clicking on the icons,things should show up is gone,can’t see. They are out of the screen.
    My computer goes very hot,i can see cpu status ,up to 60.
    Then i find it is base on Debian testing,unstble. No…why not choose a stable distribution? I think you still have things to do…

    • Dear Lemom,

      I really appreciate your comments I will do my best to cover most of them if not all. For stability I am thinking to switch from Gnome to XFCE this should fix many of the graphical problems.

      Please keep adding your comments as I will consider them once I start working on the next release.

      • kindd2235

        China ISP have blocked All VPN and ssl VPN,
        When national holidays

  155. lemom

    The same guy upside. I used Kodachi to write my comment. Looked like i used too much time, VPN was down,tor was down. Because i connect to WiFi which needs to login. I try to relogin my wifi,failed.Even the login homepage could not open. I thought the “DNS tools” was the cause.I don’t know how to stop the “DNS tools”. Then i connect to a AD-HOT,which can connect to the Internet directly when i run WIN7. Failed again. I tried to copy my comment to my USB disk,then i found the gedit can edit txt files. I tried to save my comment just on the system’s new txt file,then gedit couldn’t run,said failed to run. I tried to use rootterminal to use gedit,but the rootterm didn’t run. I tried to run some apps,many failed to response. Maybe the system was running a long time so it turned to be unstable. At last,i took several pictures of my comments so i won’t forget,then i had to type it again! NO—–

  156. lemom

    Thanks for your work! Compared to other privacy live systems,i think this is the best live system for users.
    However,i still have some suggestions for you. Because i am new in linux,so don’t laugh at me if i say something stupid…

    1. I can’t use other VPNs except ones you have set.I have my own VPNs,but in the networksettings,i can’t add VPNs.It says no VPN components were set up.So i think you should make VPN connectsettings prepared,popular protocals like PPTP,L2TP,OPENVPN should added.If the system can’t connect to VPNs,in many circumstances that means TOR can’t connect to the network.So the system turns out to be useless. Waa… Many bad guys working for bad governments(like China,Syria) can find your VPNs,then they may block the VPN ips.Finally your VPNs can’t work,and users can’t use their own VPNs.

    2. I think a multiple input method should be set by default,like ibus,fcitx,which support chinese pinyin,wubi as well as english.Because i need to input chinese,not english. Others may need to input syrian,vitnan… I try to install fcitx on a computer running Debian,oh my god,it took me too much time,i need google it and reboot the computer. (sorry,i said i am new in linux)

    3. Two firewalls in this system don’t work very well.I run the Gufw firewall,unlock it,turn on,some time later,it stopped working,no reaction. The pglgui firewall can work,but can not update,said something was wrong.

    4. Skype should be removed.It has been reported to be unsafe.People who use Kodachi absolutely care about safety and privacy. Besides,bluetooth may not need anymore,i don’t think people may use it. Games in the system may be removed as well. That will make the system smaller.

    5. I think pidgin(with OTR) should be set up by default.Using pidgin to send encrypted instant message is my first choice. Jitsi is a very good choice for video call.

    6. Problems with default VPNs and TOR. The default VPNs seems not stable. They can connect to network,but i can see the VPN ip changes several times. Maybe it is automatic.But that makes tor disconnect sometimes. In terms of Tor, i choose the tor exit country,it is right,but after some minutes,the tor ip shows another country. I choose an exit country so i can use some services,when the tor exit country changes,the service shows wrong. That happens most with gmail. So i think the function of choosing an exit country should just be like editting the tor torrc file,(exitnodes {},{},strictnodes 1). I just need the tor ip to be in this country,and i don’t care if it changes in this country,that doesn’t make any problem.

    7. The VPN and Tor are set to start with system? I can see the tor status shows “on” when i just get into the desktop. If that’s right,i think it is somehow dangerous.Because my ISP an see i am trying to connect to Tor servers. So i think the VPN and Tor should not start with system. And the “start””stop” buttons should be added to the icons on the bottom. Same problem with the VPNs and DNS tools. When i use wifi,DNS tools make me unable to use my wifi login page.(that’s why i can’t login my wifi,i think)

    8. Just like Tails,i think Kodachi may need to add a function to set random MAC. Besides,when i click F12 ro run the live system, there should be a choice to select languages and regions like Chinese or English or Syrian.So when i open a website no editted in english,the page will no just show “□□□□”。

    9. I think the icons “www.digi777.com” and the “eagle eye” pic take large area of the screen. And the system,traffic,tor,vpn status texts are very small. My eyes need to get very close to the computer to see the words. Maybe you can use those “eagle eye” pictures ad the background pic,or you can set your website in the default tor browser.When the browser opens,it will show both tor check and the “digi777” homepage. I can accept that.

    10. A small problem with the system. When i run it in VBox,the bottem bar cannot show up, which means i can only click the 5 large icons. The highest screen solution is 1024×768,that is the cause,i think.

    Thank you for watching my comment.I think that is a lot of words… I want to say you are doing a great job! I appreciate that. I will go on paying attention to Kodachi,because i need it!

  157. helom

    why i can not use torrent applications to download the iso file? I downloaded from sourceforge,that took too much time.Finally,the sha1 check shew wrong. Please add torrent for downloading…

    • Hello,

      Its difficult to maintain a clean torrent copy but to solve the problem we have added new download links (Asia – Europe – USA) which are linked directly to our servers. Please try one of them using download manager that supports resume.

  158. Hi Warith,

    Thanks for the distro, but where I can find some documentation, I’m not able to access TOR pages (onion).

  159. Zabeel MB

    Hi there. I wanted to try this distro. Is there a torrent link to download Linux Kodachi? It will be easier downloading that way given the size of the iso file.

  160. how to load gui,it shows errors
    pls help

    • Dear Dabbu,

      GUI should load automatically if the drivers are loaded can you tell me what is the error message you are getting ?

      You can try this command:


      If it does not work let me know what you get when you type the following command:

      lspci |grep VGA
      • Dear Dabbu

        Please, where is the source code (Linux Kodachi)?,
        Is it Open Source – GPL??

        Thank’s a lot in advance

        • Dear Moriatry

          Yes Kodachi is Open Source and Free

          Kodachi is a Debian-based live DVD/USB operating system which means that all packages are based on pure Debian repository. Kodachi has been customized and tweaked using plain text bash scripts which are included with the ISO package.

          All sources are included within the ISO package apart from original Debian packages there is no compiled binary files from our side every customization is in open bash scripts except for the CPU utilization process the source code can be found here

          Debian source which Kodachi is based on can be found here

          I hope this makes it clear:)

          • where can i find a 32bit version ?

          • Dear Stephane,

            Currently there is only 64 version of Linux Kodachi. The Majority of PC’s are 64-bit these days. If you bought your PC from late 2003 and upwards it should be 64 and it would work.

            If you are a Linux user just type

             getconf LONG_BIT 

            on terminal to find out if you have 64-bit processors.

  161. Khalil AlMaawali

    Hi Warith,
    Thanks for your initiatives. Good to see FOSS in business in Oman!
    I want to ask why you choose linux Mint to build this distro? why not Ubuntu? Any plan to continue with other versions?
    Also why you put usage as “freeware”, because I think it is still under GPL?

    • Dear Khalil,

      I have chosen Mint for the easy of use and polished distro. However I agree its better to shift to Debian or Xubuntu. Stay tuned version 2.0 is coming with major improvements including 64bit. Regarding the freeware you have a point I forgot to change it.

      Thank you

  162. Hi,

    Congratulation here’s is a very nice and slick desktop presentations.

    what are you using on the first screenshot to share the system stats, never seen it and is really nice.

    Thank you

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