• Are your applications digitally signed? All our software applications are digitally signed. Digitally signing the applications guarantees that the software application you received really came from EEDS and that it has not been altered by anyone.
  • Where do I enter the name/serial into the software?
    You do not need to enter serials on any of our software all you need is register we validate your hardware ID on the back end to make sure you are a valid customer.
  • Why does the software attempt to access the internet?
    Due to software piracy we included the feature to connect and detect illegal usage of the software. Please note no personal information is transmitted over the internet. Only your hardware ID combination gets sent over along with your user name and password for validation process.
  • How do I download an update to the software?
    Simply go to our Downloads section and download the latest version. You do not need to uninstall the older version; downloading and installing the new version will overwrite the previous copy. The name/serial license will also transfer over without any interaction on your part.
  • I cannot access the software any longer, it gives me a ‘product has expired’ message?
    Our products may time-out after a specific period of time. This is a notification that the copy of the software you have is old and an update is available to download. Please note that all updates/upgrades of our products are free of charge so downloading an update is painless and does not cost you any extra license fees.
  • Can I use the same serial number on more than one computer?
    If you have purchased more than one licenses then we will make sure that they work in full version mode according to the number of licenses. Please note that one licenses allows you to run the product in one pc only.
  • I lost the name/serial for the software, how do I retrieve it?
    For StealthWalker you can easily reset your hardware ID through your control panel here.
  • Why does the software require administrative rights in order to run
    Many of our software titles make several registry and system file changes, in order for those files and registry entries to be modified you must be logged in as the computer administrator.
  • Can I place a link from my web site to your software products?
    You may place a link from your web site to our software product pages.
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