Migrate Vbulletin to Burning board – Hows and Whys

I established my first online community forum oman0.net in August 2001. The forum was initially based on 2 software later on I shifted to Vbulletin 3 then finally I settled with Vbulletin 4. During that period I was quite happy with the Vbulletin forums performance and features I could not wait to test Vbulletin 5. However I normally wait for users reviews...

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Getting your mass marketing email to the inbox – Effective Email Techniques

Today I am going to show you how to deliver all marketing messages directly to the mail Inbox. Email marketing used to be free and easy but now you will have to pay few bucks due to spam detection techniques that have improved dramatically and they are so strict on blocking mass emails no matter how legitimate they are!. Before I start with the current method...

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IOS Tips Keyboard Shortcuts on IPHONE & IPAD

So are you tired of typing out long words, names, web addresses, email addresses, or entire sentences over and over again? Well then, you could save yourself some time and effort and set up keyboard shortcuts for any text that you type regularly. By default, the iPhone and iPad comes with “omw” as a shortcut for “On my way!” but you can...

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Security Assessments

A penetration test is an expression used by security professionals to describe a number of security testing techniques. These techniques can be used to compromise an organization’s network security and overcome security procedures (with the organization‚Äôs consent and supervision). The techniques range from automated vulnerability assessment tools to...

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Secure Dedicated Hosting

Server security can mean a lot of different things, depending on who’s hosting your servers. For some people security could mean that your server is just sitting in a concrete building with limited access. Or, it may mean that your servers are sitting behind a Firewall, IDS that’s not even configured right. You get the idea right? .. You might not...

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