Apple iOS Mail Client leaking highly sensitive information

Imagine that all it takes to launch an attack on you, is someone asking you to send/reply an email to him. Yes, that is how simple it is after finding out that Apple iOS mail client is leaking very sensitive information. The story began when I received an email and I decided to check for any information leakage via email headers.   I went over my email...

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Validating VPN nodes

Have you ever wondered how Linux Kodachi has most of its VPN nodes valid though they are from different providers ? On this post I will be explaining in details the process of validation VPN nodes from different providers that Linux Kodachi uses on server side that is automatically triggered by a cron job.   Each VPN provider has their own method of...

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Migrating from php 5.6 to 7.3

So finally I decided to upgrade from PHP version 5.6 to 7.3 in order to catch up with the security enhancements and speed improvements. Honestly i do not regret doing so however I faced few issues that i would like to share with you in case you face the same it would be easier for you to solve it.     wp-code-highlight plugin:   Once I...

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Linux Kodachi 8.27 The Secure OS

The Kodachi operating system, a derivative of Ubuntu 18.04.6, offers a highly secure, anti-forensic, and anonymous computing environment. It’s designed with privacy in mind, incorporating all the features needed to maintain user confidentiality and security. With a straightforward setup process, Kodachi is user-friendly and doesn’t require any Linux...

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Migrating from Vbulletin to Burning board

I established my first online community forum in August 2001. The forum was initially based on 2 software later on I shifted to Vbulletin 3 then finally I settled with Vbulletin 4. During that period I was quite happy with the Vbulletin forums performance and features I could not wait to test Vbulletin 5. However I normally wait for users reviews...

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