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Linux Kodachi


Linux Kodachi Overview

The Linux Kodachi operating system, a derivative of Ubuntu 18.04.6, offers a highly secure, anti-forensic, and anonymous computing environment. It’s designed with privacy in mind, incorporating all the features needed to maintain user confidentiality and security.

With a straightforward setup process, Kodachi is user-friendly and doesn’t require any Linux expertise. Simply boot the system from a USB drive, and you’ll be up and running with a fully-operational operating system. This includes an automatically established VPN connection, a pre-configured TOR connection, and a running DNSCrypt service, all optimized to maximize your online security and privacy.

One of the key features of Kodachi is its transient nature. The entire operating system operates from your computer’s temporary RAM memory. As a result, once you power down the system, it leaves no trace—effectively erasing all your activities and ensuring that your privacy is maintained at all times.

Kodachi is a live operating system, meaning it can be launched on virtually any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. Its primary goal is to preserve your privacy and anonymity. The features of Kodachi are designed to enable you to:

  • Browse the internet anonymously: All of your online connections are routed through a  VPN and then the Tor network, coupled with DNS encryption, to ensure maximum privacy.
  • Leave no trace on the host computer: Kodachi does not leave any footprints on the computer you’re using, unless explicitly instructed to do so.
  • Utilize cutting-edge cryptographic and privacy tools: These tools allow you to encrypt your files, emails, and instant messages to further enhance your privacy.

Built on the robust foundations of Linux Xubuntu/Debian and customized with XFCE, Kodachi presents a stable, secure, and uniquely personalized operating system.


Support Kodachi: Your donations play a crucial role in sustaining this project. Contributions will be used to fund future development, improve customer support, and ensure Kodachi remains a leading secure OS. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us continue our mission of providing a secure and private operating system. Consider making a donation today.


  • XMR: 44SFJtdWqp85xnRRA8vRs6PimuZXzq36ZHW8fYHFjCk98jpYxNWeJQ7DxwQmWxzeuPQWfp7uqpq9gMQxpdQq3C3dV1taKDE
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Version: 8.27
Change log: Log
Size: 2.91 GB
Release date: 22.2.2023
Release history: Release history
Source Code: Github
Platform: Linux
MD5: 9b35261444f08d924ebc6ac61c5659d8
SHA-256: b7d4c59788e4bcee4726261fd5a0e2e27f4b0fce4c5cb5414bd627057ff96819
Hash List: Text file
Keys ID: 9F853D05 Fingerprint: CB3C 988D 191F 9B33 BB62 F01B 1D0D B5E5 24DC 5927Public KeyPGP Signature
Web API json: API
Download links 64bit kernel 6.2: Sourceforge (World wide)
Download (DKM Broadcom supported) kernel 5.4.231: Sourceforge (World wide).


To Login as normal user (Recommended):
Username: kodachi
Password: r@@t00 –> Please notice that the 00 is (double zero’s)

Username: root
Password: here

To change the password for the user Kodachi and root in case you want to lock the PC with your own password use the following commands on the terminal:

passwdChanges Kodachi password

su passwdChanges root password exit

Kodachi comes with many pre-installed applications and tools you can also change Tor exit country from one click as well reset your DNS servers from one simple click. You also don’t have to worry about your wireless or display drivers I have included most of the common used drivers and tested them on my old mini and here is the new one 2020.

Security models:

First, let’s understand the purpose of each component:

VPN: A Virtual Private Network encrypts all your internet traffic, acting as a single point of anonymization.
Tor or Tor Browser: These tools encrypt only your web browser traffic and provide anonymity by routing it through multiple volunteer-operated nodes.
Terrified System: This refers to a system or device configured to route all internet traffic through the Tor network, enhancing anonymity.
Dnscrypt: It encrypts DNS queries, ensuring the privacy of your browsing activity by using a fixed predefined list of DNS over TLS providers.
Tor DNS: It encrypts DNS queries and uses a random list of providers within the Tor network, enhancing privacy further.

Now, let’s explore the best configurations for anonymity and security:

For the best anonymity results:

  • ISP > Router VPN or Host machine (XMR anonymous VPN) > Linux Kodachi VPN (Virtual machine via NAT) > Torified System > TorDNS > Kodachi loaded browser (Highly anonymous but slow).
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN (anonymous node) > TOR endpoint > Torified System > Tor DNS > Kodachi loaded browser (Highly anonymous but slow).
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN (anonymous node) > TOR endpoint > Tor DNS > Kodachi lite browser (Highly anonymous and fast).
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with forced VPN Traffic > Torified System > Tor DNS > Kodachi loaded browser (Anonymous but slow).
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN > Torified System > TorDNS > Kodachi loaded browser.
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with forced VPN Traffic > Torified System > Tor browser (Double TOR) > Tor DNS.
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN > Torified System > Tor browser (Double TOR) > Tor DNS.

For the best security results (Email, Banking, Cryptocurrency):

  • ISP > Host machine (XMR anonymous VPN) > Linux Kodachi VPN (Virtual machine) with forced VPN Traffic > Kodachi browser > Dnscrypt (Highly secure).
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with forced VPN Traffic > Kodachi loaded browser > Dnscrypt.
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with forced VPN Traffic > Kodachi loaded browser > Tor DNS.
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with forced VPN Traffic > Kodachi lite browser > Tor DNS (Fast).
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with forced VPN Traffic > Tor browser > Dnscrypt.
  • ISP > Linux Kodachi VPN with forced VPN Traffic > Tor browser > Tor DNS.

Please note that the configurations mentioned above are highly dependent on individual requirements and threat models. It’s important to consult privacy and security experts or follow reputable sources for the most up-to-date and accurate guidance.
Additionally, consider the legal and regulatory aspects of using such technologies in your jurisdiction. Stay informed about the latest developments in privacy and security practices, and regularly review and update your security measures for the best protection of your online activities.

Why doesn’t Kodachi offer the (ISP > Torified System > VPN) security model? Because it is not considered secure. Here’s why read this article.

Where to use it:

Linux Kodachi is incredibly versatile, designed for use in a variety of scenarios:

  • Personal Computing: Ideal for daily use on desktops or laptops. It can be booted from a flash drive (recommended for speed), a DVD (which may be slower), or run within a virtual machine.
  • Corporate Environments: It can be used for daily operations on office computers. Boot it from a flash drive, or a DVD, or run it in a virtual machine.
  • Internet Cafés: Especially useful in public internet access points where privacy is essential. Best booted from a flash drive or DVD (may be slower).
  • Travel and Hotels: Maintain your digital privacy while on the move or during hotel stays. Boot it from a flash drive or DVD (may be slower).
  • Educational Institutions: Suitable for use in school computer labs. It can be booted from a flash drive or DVD.
  • General Compatibility: Kodachi is designed to run on any computer equipped with a DVD-ROM or a USB port, as long as the system allows booting from these devices.
    Remember, while booting from a DVD is universally compatible, it tends to be slower than using a flash drive. Choose the method that best suits your needs and hardware capabilities.

Accolades and Reviews:

Join the Kodachi community! Share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with other users on our forum. All Kodachi discussions are now in Discord

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