SSL Evaluation for Oman Local Banks

We all know that any bank that offers online banking should anticipate its customers’ security concerns. I was disappointed to know that most of Oman local banks are not aware of their grades which could be a real threat to them and their clients. I am going to list some of them with recommendations on how to mitigate the issues, in case you belong to any of...

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You will be redirected to PayPal (what is PayPal?) or 2checkout for payment when you hit the “Checkout” button. You can pay using a Credit Card or your PayPal account. eCheque payments will need to be cleared before accounts are enabled to you. Once your order is completed and verified we will send you an email containing your login details to the StealthWalker...

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Stealth Walker Privacy Tool

Customer information and trust are critical assets, which businesses of all sizes seriously must take an active role in protecting. The privacy and of any business including customer data cannot be simply left to chance. Once you have lost your name or customer’s trust, you have lost their business, and that negative “word of mouth” can either make or...

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Automate backups from Linux servers to Amazon cloud

The aim of this article is to show how I successfully managed to automate the process of backing up a web hosting server host by host including Mysql data. This was achieved by compressing and protecting the archive with high level of encryption before transferring it to the Amazon . In order to fully understand the script you will need to have basic knowledge...

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Beyond Vbulletin functionality

Vbulletin is a forum software based on php I have been involved with it since 2001 with oman0 forum. During this time I have had to overcome many limitations on the software with different ways of coding and tweaking. On this blog I will explain some of the tricks to improve your forum functionality I may not be able to explain all of them as the list is very...

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