Beyond Vbulletin functionality

Vbulletin is a forum software based on php I have been involved with it since 2001 with oman0 forum. During this time I have had to overcome many limitations on the software with different ways of coding and tweaking. On this blog I will explain some of the tricks to improve your forum functionality I may not be able to explain all of them as the list is very...

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Setting up VNC repeater on Linux

You may be aware of how team viewer works it can almost work behind any sort of or . The secret behind it is that both client and server do not contact each other directly but via a repeater that is owned by the company and allows the client and server to initiate a reverse connection to the repeater. If you are worried not to have a third party between your...

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Validating proxy via PHP

This is how we use and curl to validate any proxy simply you pass the url with IP and port number and results will be printed immediately. In PHP we have to request a given URL via the proxy and see if it will respond with the expected result.       First on box debian based you need to run the following command to instal php-curl: sudo apt-get...

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How to process email attachments automatically on Linux

I will share my experience that I had get through while trying to find a way to process an attachment from my personal email using Linux bash scripting. To start with the story I purchased a daily proxy feed from Hidemy*** which I wanted to feed to our proxy software E-bouncer. The down side is that Hidemy*** will only send you the list as an attachment on your...

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Make use of Digital Ocean and Vultr VPS API with PHP wrapper

Here is my first experience with api wrapper. Digital Ocean and Vultr provides vps services so if you don’t want to log into their panel each time you want to perform an action to the vps node you can call the droplets functions from your own website and have your own control panel. First you will need to create your own client ID and key both can be...

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