The art of port forwarding on Linux

In order to be stealth and jump from node to another to cover up your movements sometimes you will need to use port forwarding. Why in Linux because its stable and you have many options that you don’t get on windows.       There are many tools out there but we have picked the ones we have tried as explained below: Rinetd Score:3/10...

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Setup your machine as a coin miner and generate virtual currency

They are many virtual currencies that can be mined using CPU or GPU. If you are having a server or a PC that you would utilities to generate passive income then here is a small guide that I have prepared to simplify it. I will show you how to set it up in different OS environments Linux (CentOS – Ubuntu) and Windows 7 which should be pretty much the same...

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Mitigating the Beast, Heartbleed, DROWN and POODLE attack attack on SSL TLS grade A+

SSL is the technology used to encrypt and decrypt messages sent between the browser and server. By encrypting the data, you protect messages from being read while they are transferred across the Internet. encrypts a message from the web browser, or application then sends it to the server. When the message is received by the server, decrypts it and verifies that...

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SSL Eye Protects You From Prism

SSL Eye is a unique tool that is designed in a way it can detect man in the middle spying, by comparing of single or multiple sites across many remote nodes that are owned and managed by EEDS located in different countries such as Singapore, USA, UK, Germany and Netherlands. This is done by comparing the other nodes finger prints results with yours that comes...

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Sanitize data and prevent SQL injections in php

The reason for adding this blog is sometimes when I code in php I normally forget that data has to be sanitized before executing to prevent or XSS attacks. The simplest way to make SQL injection hard is to use either Mysqli or PDO prepare statements – Examples – as it keeps the SQL and data inputs completely separated. However if you need to use...

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