How to protect your WordPress external links

As you notice all external links on my Blog are in order to protect the content from being copied. I tried to find a plug-in that does that but I couldn’t so I modified one that encodes external URLS to so instead of encoding the I will show you how to encrypt it with your own defined key. I will show you how I did it through simple steps if you wish...

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The little secret on Digital Forensics

In this article, we delve into the critical subject of Digital Forensics, a field not only pertinent to digital investigators or crimes but also invaluable in private sector internal investigations. Digital Digital forensics, sometimes known as digital forensic science, is a branch of forensic science that involves the recovery and investigation of material...

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Linux world the guide you need

When to switch to Linux ? is a powerfull stable platform that allows us to achieve many of (Penetration – Hosting – – ..etc) tasks that can’t be done in Windows platform easily. On this article I will highlight most of the useful tools and commands that you will need while managing servers or desktops.       Usefull...

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Extracting SSL Fingerprints

I was looking for a script that can extract fingerprint from any SSL certificate provided you have the URL. I have found couple of them but non of them did what I expected exactly so I decided to write my own based on what I have found. The first script is written in Perl where the second in Linux Shell scripting and finally the last one is in PHP. Note that...

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Ways to deliver your messages securely and anonymous

We all use emails and instant messengers on daily basis, however we should know how to protect these messages from being intercepted or modified even though if the instant messaging or email service is secured via . There are different ways to deliver your messages securely I will mention the once I could trust plus additional ways to be and fight spam.  ...

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