Cloud storage solutions where to store and what to use

This is a short guide on what to use in order to have your data backups stored on the securely. There are many tools around to do the job but the question is can you trust your sensitive data with anyone ? Well for me the answer is always -TNO- trust no one! here is the list of recommended methods and tools.     List of tools: PC or external disks...

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Vbtube mass delete script and mass correction

I have written this script as an extension to the Vbtube script if you don’t have the script installed then it wont be useful unless you want to learn how I code which is a bad idea :). It is useful for mass delete of invalid youtube links if you really want to save time and avoid manual hassle this script is for you. It can also correct the title of any...

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Things to avoid while using Truecrypt

Truecrypt is Free + Open source disk software. However I found out stuff that we should all be aware of to avoid our sensitive data being exposed. This does not mean isn’t safe I will just show how to make it stronger against various attacks. First of all True-crypt encourages you to use AES as its the first on the list (default) and its the fastest when...

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Custom IT & Security Services

EEDS can provide you solutions in many areas which includes Digital forensics, Security services, Server management, Web design, and Hosting services. EEDS can also design custom websites which meet security and quality standards. EEDS services are customizable to small and medium sized businesses for which it offers affordable and professional solutions. If a...

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Folder Monitor

The software idea emerged from a client’s problem, which required a utility to monitor any given folder on the computer and alerts the user if a change occurred to it. With this tool you can either monitor files or folders and be alerted instantly by sound and popup messages (view screen shot).     Product Name: Folder Monitor PC World Rating: (4.3/5)...

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