Apple iOS Mail Client leaking highly sensitive information

Imagine that all it takes to launch an attack on you, is someone asking you to send/reply an email to him. Yes, that is how simple it is after finding out that Apple iOS mail client is leaking very sensitive information. The story began when I received an email and I decided to check for any information leakage via email headers.   I went over my email...

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Validating VPN nodes

Have you ever wondered how Linux Kodachi has most of its VPN nodes valid though they are from different providers ? On this post I will be explaining in details the process of validation VPN nodes from different providers that Linux Kodachi uses on server side that is automatically triggered by a cron job.   Each VPN provider has their own method of...

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Migrating from php 5.6 to 7.3

So finally I decided to upgrade from PHP version 5.6 to 7.3 in order to catch up with the security enhancements and speed improvements. Honestly i do not regret doing so however I faced few issues that i would like to share with you in case you face the same it would be easier for you to solve it.     wp-code-highlight plugin:   Once I...

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Migrating from Vbulletin to Burning board

I established my first online community forum in August 2001. The forum was initially based on 2 software later on I shifted to Vbulletin 3 then finally I settled with Vbulletin 4. During that period I was quite happy with the Vbulletin forums performance and features I could not wait to test Vbulletin 5. However I normally wait for users reviews...

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Getting your mass marketing email to the inbox – Effective Email Techniques

Today I am going to show you how to deliver all marketing messages directly to the mail Inbox. Email marketing used to be free and easy but now you will have to pay few bucks due to spam detection techniques that have improved dramatically and they are so strict on blocking mass emails no matter how legitimate they are!. Before I start with the current method...

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