Linux Kodachi 8.27 The Secure OS

The Kodachi operating system, a derivative of Ubuntu 18.04.6, offers a highly secure, anti-forensic, and anonymous computing environment. It’s designed with privacy in mind, incorporating all the features needed to maintain user confidentiality and security. With a straightforward setup process, Kodachi is user-friendly and doesn’t require any Linux...

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Stealth Walker Privacy Tool

Customer information and trust are critical assets, which businesses of all sizes seriously must take an active role in protecting. The privacy and of any business including customer data cannot be simply left to chance. Once you have lost your name or customer’s trust, you have lost their business, and that negative “word of mouth” can either make or...

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SSL Eye Protects You From Prism

SSL Eye is a unique tool that is designed in a way it can detect man in the middle spying, by comparing of single or multiple sites across many remote nodes that are owned and managed by EEDS located in different countries such as Singapore, USA, UK, Germany and Netherlands. This is done by comparing the other nodes finger prints results with yours that comes...

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Folder Monitor

The software idea emerged from a client’s problem, which required a utility to monitor any given folder on the computer and alerts the user if a change occurred to it. With this tool you can either monitor files or folders and be alerted instantly by sound and popup messages (view screen shot).     Product Name: Folder Monitor PC World Rating: (4.3/5)...

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Webfile Retriever

This software utility can download any given web address or multiple files within the specified period of time (interval) set by the user and save them on locally. You can assign time stamps to the file name it will also alert the user if the file has been retrieved successfully (view screen shot).     Product Name: Webfile Retriever PC World Rating:...

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