Validating VPN nodes

Have you ever wondered how Linux Kodachi has most of its VPN nodes valid though they are from different providers ? On this post I will be explaining in details the process of validation VPN nodes from different providers that Linux Kodachi uses on server side that is automatically triggered by a cron job.   Each VPN provider has their own method of...

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Automate backups from Linux servers to Amazon cloud

The aim of this article is to show how I successfully managed to automate the process of backing up a web hosting server host by host including Mysql data. This was achieved by compressing and protecting the archive with high level of encryption before transferring it to the Amazon . In order to fully understand the script you will need to have basic knowledge...

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Setting up VNC repeater on Linux

You may be aware of how team viewer works it can almost work behind any sort of or . The secret behind it is that both client and server do not contact each other directly but via a repeater that is owned by the company and allows the client and server to initiate a reverse connection to the repeater. If you are worried not to have a third party between your...

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How to process email attachments automatically on Linux

I will share my experience that I had get through while trying to find a way to process an attachment from my personal email using Linux bash scripting. To start with the story I purchased a daily proxy feed from Hidemy*** which I wanted to feed to our proxy software E-bouncer. The down side is that Hidemy*** will only send you the list as an attachment on your...

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The art of port forwarding on Linux

In order to be stealth and jump from node to another to cover up your movements sometimes you will need to use port forwarding. Why in Linux because its stable and you have many options that you don’t get on windows.       There are many tools out there but we have picked the ones we have tried as explained below: Rinetd Score:3/10...

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